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For active, tabled, subsumed, and completed projects, broken out by type, are on the McNair Projects page. Below is a list of projects that need to be repurposed followed by a list of all projects.

Project pages that need to be repurposed

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All Projects

Data summary: There are 152 projects found.

Project TitleHas project statusHas owner
Accelerator DataSubsumeShrey Agarwal
Matthew Ringheanu
Accelerator Demo DayActiveMinh Le
Accelerator Industry Classification (Data)TabledVeeral Shah
Accelerator Seed List (Data)SubsumeShrey Agarwal
Matthew Ringheanu
Connor Rothschild
Veeral Shah
Accelerator Website ImagesChristy Warden
Accelerators (Data)TabledSusan Cohen
Veeral Shah
Accenture WorkCompleteDylan Dickens
Amazon HQ2CompleteEd Egan
Anne Dayton
Diana Carranza
Amazon Mechanical Turk for Analyzing Demo Day Classifier's ResultsCompleteMinh Le
American Community Survey (ACS) DataJeemin Sim
American ConservatismAnne Dayton
Analyzing the Innovation Promotion ActCompleteAriel Sun
Analyzing the SBATabledCarlin Cherry
ArcMap / ArcGIS DocumentationJeemin Sim
Augusta Startup EcosystemCompleteBen Baldazo
Taylor Jacobe
Joe Reilly
Dylan Dickens
BID ProjectActiveCindy Ryoo
Bulk Patent Assignee ProcessingSubsume
Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face (Wiki Page)Complete
Climate ChangeCompleteShrey Agarwal
Cofounding in Exchange for EquityTabledBen Baldazo
Collecting SBIR DataCompleteAdrian Smart
Creating a Guide to Patent LitigationCompleteMarcela Interiano
Crunchbase Accelerator EquityActiveMaxine Tao
Crunchbase Accelerator FoundersActiveGrace Tan
Crunchbase DataCompleteAdrian Smart
Maxine Tao
Grace Tan
Connor Rothschild
Deep Text ClassifierActiveYang Zhang
Demo Day Page Google ClassifierSubsumeKyran Adams
Demo Day Page ParserSubsumePeter Jalbert
E&I Governance Policy ReportTabledAlbert Nabiullin
Catherine Kirby
Eliza Martin
Dylan Dickens
Emerging EcosystemsTabledEliza Martin
Enclosing Circle AlgorithmSubsumeChristy Warden
Peter Jalbert
Enclosing Circle Algorithm (Plotting)Subsume
Enclosing Circle Algorithm (Rework)ActiveAbhijit Brahme
Entrepreneurial EcosystemComplete
Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth Literature ReviewCompleteRamee Saleh
Equivalent XPath and APS QueriesTabledEd Egan
Oliver Chang
Eventbrite Webcrawler (Tool)CompleteGunny Liu
Exploring Business Dynamism in High TechCompleteAriel Sun
Federal Grant DataActiveAvesh Krishna
Catherine Kirby
Jeemin Sim
Free EnterpriseAnne Dayton
GPU BuildActiveOliver Chang
Kyran Adams
Google CrawlerActiveAnne Freeman
Google Scholar CrawlerActiveChristy Warden
Governance MeasuresComplete
Govtrack Webcrawler (Tool)Complete
Hierarchical ClusteringActiveOliver Chang
Kyran Adams
Houston Accelerators (issue brief)SubsumeBen Baldazo
Dylan Dickens
Houston Accelerators and Incubators (Report)SubsumeBen Baldazo
Houston EntrepreneurshipSubsumeBen Baldazo
Dylan Dickens
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