Accelerator Website Images

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Accelerator Website Images
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Project Information
Has title Accelerator Website Images
Has owner Christy Warden
Has start date 12/01/2017
Has deadline date
Has project status
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Tool
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This code is located in McNair\Software\Accelerators\ImageDownloading\

The program takes in a text file of accelerator websites and gets images of all the internal links of the website.

How to Use

Open the python file in komodo. At the bottom of the file, you can change the link in the function call to the txt file you want to run on. The text file should be of the format "Name of website/company" tab "Url of website". You can also change the integer in the function call to be how deep you want to pull links from the website. When you run, the program will pull and store all of the internal links to a certain depth for each website. It will then open each website in selenium and screenshot each section of it. There will be a file called "TrackFile" produced that will tell you which images correspond to which website. Unfortunately, running this code currently will overwrite the TrackFile for the Accelerators data I am currently (12/12/17) running, but you can change the name before you run to get new data stored without overwriting. Additionally, all the files will currently save in the same folder as the Python file, but this can be adjusted by the user as well by adding a directory header to each of the filenames I provide.