Analyzing the SBA

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Analyzing the SBA
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Further research areas

  • There exists no consolidated list of data for 7a microloans
  • Small articles or blog posts about: technology failures in SBA, methods of reporting data are bad, we could track how the total number of banks handing out loans fluctuates
  • Potential quantifiable data: FY budget comparisons, lending in top district offices vs lending in bottom offices, finding out where the money actually going (administrative costs vs actual lending vs non lending programs? budget top offs (endowment?))

Data is pretty heavily protected for 7a and 504 loans. Comprehensive data is not accessible to public; only accessible to SBA employees. Data is obtained by contact under service by Dun & Bradstreet. See this book, page 16 SBA book on google books

  • Page 22 of same book outlines SBA practices and tracks improvement progress. I.e., SBA has made limited progress in compliance with internal policies/ control functions.

Links to data

  1. Links to list of district offices
  • note: each office has its own unique way of showing lender data--some use PDFs, some use excel sheets, some don't report it at all (or if they do, they make it very difficult to find(Alabama, where your loans at??)).
  1. 100 most active 7(a) loan lenders
  2. SBA lending statistics for major programs, this has several statistic pages a new one of which is created every week to track weekly progress
  3. this is a pdf of all the microlenders in each state, no actual numbers, just list of lenders
  4. some old sketchy database of government contracts - can't find anything related to sba after 1997

Sources of more in depth research on particular issues / potential articles?

  1. Technology and the SBA
  2. Minorities Served