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Members of the BPP group with Olly Williamson (center) after his Nobel Prize win in 2009. From left to right: Matt Watkins (Berkeley), Ed Egan (NBER), Deepak Hedge (NYU-Stern), Pablo Hernandez (NYU Abu Dhabi), Bryan Hong (Ivey), Orie Shalef (Stanford), Justin Tumlinson (Munich), Victor Bennett (USC), Richard Wang (Carlson)

The Business and Public Policy group at the Haas School of Business hosts Haas' equivalent of a Strategy and Business Economics PhD program. The program is highly respected, with one of the best placement records in the field. For more information please see either the BPP Group Pages or the Haas BPP PhD Program Pages.

Course Material

If you are a new BPP student and want to know which classes to take, then please read the BPP Course Requirements page!

Historic BPP core course pages:

The following topic summary pages (built for the second year exam) may also be helpful:

Other Material

Useful other material for BPP students includes:

The BPP Wiki

The BPP wiki has now been moved to phdwiki.haas.berkeley.edu. Note the wiki is only accessible from within the Berkeley firewall - you must either be on campus, accessing via AirBears, or using the VPN, to see the Haas wiki.

The pages in this section are kept for historical reference and are no longer supported.

Pages for faculty

The primary idea behind this wiki was to create a resource for students by students. However, part of being a PhD student involves interacting with the faculty, as it seems that we would be wasting an opportunity if we were to bar faculty from the entire resource. So, as a compromise, I (Ed) propose allowing faculty read and edit access to some pages, but keeping other pages private to just the student body. It would be great if you could provide any thoughts that you have on this on the talk page. As a starting point, pages listed in this sub-section will have faculty access, as will the course pages section, but pages in the organizational section, and other sections, will be restricted to students only.

Pages with faculty access include:

Organizational pages for BPP Students

The organizational pages (restricted to students only) include:

Editing Wiki Pages

There is a brief guide on how to edit wiki pages, which also provide links to the major help guide. In addition, I intend to install an extension that will provide a WYSIWYG-esque editor, to make your lives easier.

However, editing pages is easy - just click the edit link and type away! Don't worry about making mistakes, we can always revert to a previous version or fix things later. And feel free to edit ANY content in the BPP section in any fashion you wish. If there is something controversial we can always "discuss" it on the talk page (e.g. this page's talk page is here).

Adding Pages to this Section

To add a link saying:

  • This page is in the BPP category
Insert the following code at the head of each page in this section:
*This page is in the [[BPP]] category [[Category:BPP]]

This also adds the page to the BPP category directory.