Emerging Ecosystems

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Emerging Ecosystems
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Project Information
Has title Emerging Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
Has owner Eliza Martin
Has start date Fall 2016
Has deadline date
Has project status Tabled
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Content
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Tentative timeline for five blog posts to be completed by end of the semester:

Cincinnati: completed and published

St. Louis: completed and in the blog, waiting for publication

Washington DC: completed and in the blog, waiting for publication

Denver: completed

Chicago: drafting

File with cities and accelerators called "City Accelerators Eliza" located in E:\McNair\Projects\Accelerators

  • Should be able to copy and paste into Excel to look at all of the data, except for the last few entries because we found those on the web

Project Overview

According to a 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report, approximately 11.9% of United States adults are starting and running new businesses. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an increase in the number of businesses less than one year old and jobs created by businesses less than one year old. While entrepreneurship in the United States is strong, there are significant challenges to maintaining growth.

Important for continued US entrepreneurship growth is the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Accelerators, angel investors, hubs, strong crowd funding and micro-finance availability, encouraging regulatory environment, and availability of venture capital are all components on successful ecosystems. Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, California), Route 128 (Massachusetts), and The Research Triangle (North-Carolina) have facilitated the success of many companies such as Facebook, Google, Integrated Computer Solutions, and Digital Equipment Corporation. Across the country, many new entrepreneurship ecosystems are emerging.

This project will examine the emerging ecosystems throughout the United States in a blog post format.

List of Emerging Ecosystems