Collecting SBIR Data

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Collecting SBIR Data
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Project Information
Has title Collecting SBIR Data
Has owner Adrian Smart
Has start date June 6, 2017
Has deadline date
Has keywords Data, Tool
Has project status Complete
Does subsume SBIR Evaluation
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Data
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Manual Collection

Files are in:


Each file is a group of 1000 companies. Each group of 1000 is numbered sequentially.

Rough notes

  • Get the data from
  • Built a Selenium Web Driver which is stored in E:\McNair\Software\Scripts\Selenium Web Drivers
  • Does not work because there is a captcha that must be entered after selecting xls download

Notes on building a Selenium Web Driver:

In your python script:

  • Make sure that you properly set the chromedriver path if you don't have it under root. For example: webdriver.Chrome("/Users/adriansmart/PycharmProjects/SeleniumTest/chromedriver")
  • Use driver.find_element_by_xpath to select the element on html page. You will need to enter the xpath in this function so first load the website in a browser.
  • Next, right click on the page element you want the xpath and select inspect. This will launch the html inspector and highlight the relevant lines of code
  • Right click on what looks like the right piece of code and select "Copy xpath data"
  • Paste that stuff in your python script where it asks for a path, For example: driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@id='solr-print-dropdown-button']")

SBIR Concatenation


The objective of this project was to concatenate 162 xlsx files into one large tab delimited text file


The python script can be found here:


The resulting file is located here: