Albert Nabiullin

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Team Member
Albert Nabiullin
Albert McNair Picture.jpg
Status Inactive
Degree Bachelor
Major MTEC; Mathematics
Skills (Students only) Networking, Project Management, LexMachina, Excel, Writing
Skype a.nabiullin007
Projects E&I Governance Policy Report, Mapping on R, Non-BIPP University Think Tank Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research, The Truth About Patent Trolls
School Rice
Job Title Researcher
Sponsor McNair Center
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Albert Nabiullin is a junior at Rice University, where he’s studying Mathematics and Mathematical Economic Analysis. At Rice University, Albert interns at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, researching innovation policy related to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He currently serves as the Chief Justice for McMurtry College, a residential college at Rice. Albert plans to pursue graduate studies in Economics as he continues his career in technology and innovation policy.

Early Life

Albert was born in Kazan, Russia where he lived for the first nine years of his life. After moving to Hattiesburg, Mississippi via North Carolina, he quickly discovered the wonders of free refills. As he pursued debate and mock trial activities, he found a passion for articulating arguments and providing evidence-backed recommendations. These passions led him to choose Rice University for his undergraduate education.


Albert is a third-year student at Rice University, where he's studying Mathematics and Mathematical Economic Analysis. He is a member of McMurtry College.

Organizational Involvement

Albert serves as Chief Justice for McMurtry College and heads the McMurtry College Court. His other involvements include:

  • Peer Academic Advisor
  • Academic Fellow (Economics)
  • Board Member, McMurtry College Innovation Kitchen (MICK)

Work Experience

This past summer, Albert participated in the Baker Institute Summer in DC program. As part of the summer fellowship, he interned with the Office of International and Security Affairs at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Under the direction of Dr. Norman Neureiter, he researched science diplomacy between Russia and DPRK. He also interned with the Rice Annual Fund, heading their student initiative campaigns. He previously worked in sales and administrative positions.

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