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E:\tools\Geocode\   (python3)
E:\McNair\Software\Scripts\  (python2)


This is a python program that uses google maps to find the latitude and longitude for an address.


python <input.txt>

Usage & Features

There are two versions of this script. The one in McNair\Software\Scripts takes a single key field "firm name" and is written for python2. The other version in E:\tools\geocode takes a three part tab-delimined key (coname, statecode, datefirst), which we still refer to as <firm name> below, and is rewritten for python3.

Currently the input is a tab delimited ".txt" file with columns:

<Firm Name> <Address>

In this location on powershell from the RDP (Must be from the RDP so it can import files). The script itself is also located here, if you would like to update it.


Enter this code:

python3 <input.txt>

The program will create an output file that looks like:


Which you will have to open with a right click into textpad. If you would like to change the input so that you can geo code while keeping a primary key with more than one column simply change the output commands on lines 22, 35, and 37 to reflect the changes. Also change line 28 to reflect the inputted file.

Google Key

Use a Google API key in this script. Currently, the live key is not activated. If you would like to use the API and are sure that your process will work, uncomment the live key and comment out the test key.


The output is currently a tab delimited with the three columns:

<Firm Name> <Location["lat"]> <Location["lng"]>

Meaning Name, Latitude, Longitude in a tab delimited .txt file. This can be changed by accessing the file and going to the lines 33 and 35 (in the latest version).

Bugs & Feedback