Gunny Liu

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Team Member
Gunny Liu
Gunny Shot.jpg
Status Inactive
Degree Bachelor
Major CS & CAAM
Skills (Students only) Writing, Editing, Python, MATLAB, SQL
Projects Eventbrite Webcrawler (Tool), Twitter Webcrawler (Tool), Twitterverse Exploration
School Rice
Job Title Tech Team
Sponsor McNair Center
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To quote Jones College 0-week advisor bios, "Let me introduce you to Gunny. He’s a free spirit, a wanderer, and a connoisseur of the subtler truths of life. Having experienced markedly different circumstances in his life, Gunny has a perspective on things that is both fresh and mature. He grew up in Singapore and was raised in the Chinese culture. At the golden age of 18, Gunny enrolled in the military alongside his peers to fulfill his service to his country. There he worked alongside people of many ages and a multitude of varied mindsets, giving Gunny the opportunity to open up his mind and appreciate diverse perspectives. After his service in the military, Gunny decided to pursue an education in the United States, and now he is a sophomore at Rice studying computer science. When Gunny isn’t diligently studying, he’s off exploring the many-faceted and beautiful Rice community. Some days he can be found laying on the trampoline having a meaningful conversation with a friend, and other times he’s off sharing the gift of music, singing and playing his guitar. Despite the spontaneity and unpredictability of life, Gunny keeps his eyes up, on the horizon, and looks forward to his dreams for the future. He is a man who enjoys life for all of its nuances and seeks to make a powerful, lasting impression on it. Gunny dreams of changing the world, and he hopes to share his wisdom, his passion, and his dreams with the community that will accompany him on this journey."

Early Life

Born in the remote mountain town of Lanzhou, China, Gunny moved to Singapore alongside his parents' chemical engineering careers at the age of 5. Refusing to participate in any form of pre-school education, he mostly sat at home learning Roman centaurion tactics and confucian morality through encyclopedias.


Gunny attended Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore from middle school through high school, specializing in bi-cultural studies of Eastern and Western cultures. At the age of 18, Gunny joined the Singaporean army for a brief tour of service and earned his moniker in the recon command training field snipers. After his military stint, Gunny worked several different jobs including nightclub set designer, buffet manager, among others. A chance encounter with Scott Jenson of GoogleX fame during Gunny's temporary job as a street journalist brought his attention to the Physical Web and big data. Gunny subsequently enrolled in Rice University in Texas to pursue a career in the data world, and is currently a rising sophomore at the institution.


"Doesn't matter how great you think you are; it's all mind-contingent."