Carlin Cherry

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McNair Center Staff
Research Team
Carlin Cherry
Staff Information
Name Carlin Cherry
Degree BA
Major Economics; Philosophy; Business; Managerial Studies; Pre-Law
Class of 2019
College McMurtry
Join Date October 2015
Skills McNair Veteran, Public Speaking, Python, Writing
Interests Triathlons, Trevor Noah
Fun Fact Albert is my bff
Status Inactive

Carlin Cherry is a 20 year old Rice student working as a Research Assistant for the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy's McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Early Life

Carlin was born in Tyler, Texas to Drs. Tom and Debbie Cherry. She has two younger siblings, Joseph and Krista. She attended All Saints Episcopal School from kindergarten to sophomore year. When she was 16 years old, her mother became the Occupational Medicine Residency Director at the University of Washington, and her family moved to Seattle. Carlin finished high school at University Preparatory Academy, graduating in June 2015. She matriculated to Rice University during the fall of 2015.


Carlin is a sophomore majoring in Economics, Philosophy, and Managerial Studies and minoring in Business at Rice University. She resides at the residential college of McMurtry.

Organizational Involvement

Carlin is the Head of Outreach of the Baker Institute Student Forum. She also serves as Parliamentarian and Head of Elections Committee within the McMurtry College government. Carlin is a Senior Fellow in the Gateway Study of Leadership, a student-led fellowship whose goal is to conduct an interview-based research project that looks for leadership themes and lessons as offered by faculty members of Rice University. She is the Learn To Swim supervisor at the Rice University Recreation Center. She also volunteers with the Nehemiah Center and OneLife Tutoring Program.

Work Experience

Carlin worked as a swim instructor for several years in high school and college. She interned with Matisia Consulting Firm and Families of Color Seattle. She has worked for the McNair Center since its early conception in Fall 2015.

Time at McNair

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