Crunchbase Accelerator Equity

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Crunchbase Accelerator Equity
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Project Information
Has title Crunchbase Accelerator Equity
Has owner Maxine Tao
Has start date Summer 2018
Has deadline date
Has project status Active
Dependent(s): Crunchbase Data, U.S. Seed Accelerators
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Data
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Files and Comments

The following does not result in useful data.

E:\McNair\Software\Database Scripts\Crunchbase2\EquityAnalysis.sql

In the crunchbase2 folder of Z, 'AccInvestComp.txt' is a list of accelerator names, the companies they invest in, the date of investment, the company UUID, and the investor UUID. This file was made by matching accelerator UUIDs from the final list of accelerators against the a table called funding_rounds from crunchbase. Code can be found in EquityAnalysis.sql

Most of these investments are marked as seed investment types.

An excel workbook version of 'AccInvestComp.txt' can be found here:

E:\McNair\Projects\Accelerators\Summer 2018\Accelerators and Investments.xlsx

In the second sheet of the file above, there is a list of investments that match the terms given on the accelerator website. These are filtered from the first sheet of all accelerator and investment matches.

There is a list of companies without cohort years in the Accelerator Master List. I matched these against the data in AccInvestComp and could only find 5 companies that matched. The results can be found in:

E:\McNair\Projects\Accelerators\Summer 2018\accelerator match cohorts.xlsx

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