Amazon Mechanical Turk for Analyzing Demo Day Classifier's Results

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Amazon Mechanical Turk for Analyzing Demo Day Classifier's Results
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Project Information
Has title Amazon Mechanical Turk for Analyzing Demo Day Classifier's Results
Has owner Minh Le
Has start date July 2018
Has deadline date
Has keywords Amazon Mechanical Turk
Has project status Complete
Is dependent on Accelerator Demo Day
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Tool, How-to
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Code Location

The code is stored in:

E:\McNair\Projects\Accelerator Demo Day\Turk

How to Use

Login info:

password: amount

There's a file in the folder




that was manually created by combining the file


in the mother folder and the file


This file combined the predictions to the actual url of the websites.

Since MTurk makes it hard for us to display the downloaded HTML, it is much faster to just copy the url into the question box rather than trying to display the downloaded HTML.

The advantage to this is that some websites, such as behaves abnormally when downloaded as HTML so opening these kinds of websites in the browser would actually be more beneficial because the UI would not be messed up. Moreover, if certain websites has paywall or pop-up ads, the user can also click out of it. Since most of the times, paywall or pop-ups are scripts within HTMLs, the classifier can't rule them out because the body of the HTMLs may still contain useful information we are looking for. Major paywalls or websites that required log-ins such as linkedin have been black-listed in the crawler. More detail in the crawler section below.

However. there is a disadvantage to this: websites are ever changing, so there is a possibility that in the future, the URL may not be usable, or has changed to something else; on the other hand, downloaded HTMLs remain the same because it does not require any internet connection to render and thus, the content is static.

To create the MTurk for this project, follow this tutorial in Mechanical Turk (Tool). For testing and development purpose, use

Test account: email: password: sameastheoneforemail2018

For this project, all the fields that was asked of the user is:

  • Whether the page had a list of companies going through an accelerator
  • The month and year of the demo day (or article)
  • Accelerator name
  • Companies going through accelerator

Layout: TurkTemplateNew.png


We priced out task at $1.25 per HIT. Assuming workers take less than 10 minutes, this translates into >$7.50 per hour.

We sent out the task in two batches. The first was 20 HITs to be completed by two workers each, as to test for interjudge reliability.

The second batch was the remaining 264 HITs, to be completed by one worker each.

MTurk charged fees of $.25 per HIT and an additional $.0625, meaning each HIT cost us $1.50.

OUR FINAL PRICE: ((20*2)+264)*1.5625 = $475.00