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Project TitleHas owner
Houston Entrepreneurship Ecosystem ProjectBen Baldazo
Dylan Dickens
Houston Innovation DistrictBen Baldazo
Anne Dayton
Taylor Jacobe
Joe Reilly
Dylan Dickens
Houston Startup ChallengesDiana Carranza
Houston's VC FirmsDiana Carranza
Houston's Venture Capital Issue BriefDiana Carranza
How-to BibTex Lit Review
HubsHira Farooqi
Hubs Analysis 2017Hira Farooqi
INBIAAnne Freeman
Industry ClassifierChristy Warden
Interactive Maps - The Whole Process
Internal Link ParserChristy Warden
Key Terms SearchChristy Warden
LBO Data DescriptionEd Egan
James Chen
Brian Ayash
LBO Lit ReviewBrian Ayash
Marcela Interiano
Lex MachinaAmir Kazempour
LinkedIn Crawler (Python)
Mapping on RAlbert Nabiullin
Market of Ideas Research NotesAvesh Krishna
Matching Entrepreneurs to VCsEd Egan
Christy Warden
Matching LBOs (Julia)James Chen
Matching VentureOne (Data)Rosemarie Ziedonis
Ariel Sun
Matlab, CUDA, and GPU ComputingWei Wu
Mechanical Turk (Tool)
Medical Centers and GrantsCatherine Kirby
Merging Existing Data with CrunchbaseConnor Rothschild
Moroccan Parliament Web CrawlerPeter Jalbert
NIH DataCatherine Kirby
NOTS Computing for Matching Entrepreneurs to VCsWei Wu
NSF DataCatherine Kirby
Non-BIPP University Think Tank Entrepreneurship and Innovation ResearchAlbert Nabiullin
Overconfidence Papers
PDF DownloaderChristy Warden
PDF to Text ConverterChristy Warden
Parallel Enclosing Circle AlgorithmOliver Chang
Parallelize msmf corr coeff.mWei Wu
Patent Assignment Data RestructureSonia Zhang
Marcela Interiano
Patent DataMarcela Interiano
Patent Data Cleanup (June 2016)Marcela Interiano
Patent Data Extraction Scripts (Tool)Marcela Interiano
Patent Data Processing - SQL StepsShelby Bice
Patent Design Main PageShelby Bice
Oliver Chang
Joe Reilly
Patent Litigation and ReviewMarcela Interiano
Patent ThicketGrace Tan
Patstats Documentation
Presidential Candidates and EntrepreneurshipDylan Dickens
Python LibrariesChristy Warden
Peter Jalbert
Jeemin Sim
Harrison Brown
Ranking US Cities by Venture CapitalEd Egan
Anne Dayton
Diana Carranza
Redesign Assignment and Patent DatabaseShelby Bice
Redesigning Patent DatabaseShelby Bice