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Lex Machina
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Project Information
Has title Lex Machina
Has owner Amir Kazempour
Has start date
Has deadline date
Has keywords Data
Has project status Tabled
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Data
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Procedure for exporting data using the available tools on LexMachina

  1. Select "Cases" tab
  2. Filter: Case Types: Patent (56,941 selections From 2000-01-01 To 07/05/2016)
  3. Click on "Customize Columns"
  4. Once the columns are selected click on "Export this page" on the top right corner and then on XLS.

Variables of interest

For each patent case litigated in a district court from 2000-01-01 to now, we would like to have the following variables:

  1. Civil Action Number: alphanumeric value
  2. Judge
  3. Filing on Date
  4. Trial Date
  5. Termination Date
  6. Patent number
  7. Case Resolution
  8. Damages
  9. Patent findings
  10. Plaintiff
  11. Defendant

Moreover, the following variables might be useful but not as crucial as the ones listed above.

  1. Number of Docket Entries: May be useful as an indicator of activity
  2. Remedies: Binary indicator of "Permanent Injunction"
  3. Third Party: Binary Indicator
  4. Plaintiff's Law Firm
  5. Defendant's Law Firm
  6. Patent Invalidity Reason: It would be possible to check entries for individuals on the website.