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Connecting to the RDP Server


To connect to the RDP Server, you will need a user account on the RDP server. If you don't have one, talk to a manager who can follow the instructions on Administrative Help.

For PCs

  1. Go to the Start menu and search for and then open the "Remote Desktop Connection" application
  2. In the new window, enter the RDP machine's domain name or public IP address (note that if you are connecting from within the private network and have an 192.168.2.x address, you can connect to into the text box labeled "Computer"
  3. Click "Show Options" and then enter ad0\user (where user should be replaced with your username on the RDP server) as the username
  4. Click Connect and type in your password when prompted
  5. You should now be able to access the RDP machine from the resulting window

Note that you can also use\user as the username if you have issues.

For Macs

  1. To connect from Mac to Windows, download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App off the Mac App store.
  2. Open the app and go to Create / Edit Remote Desktops.
  3. On the Connection Center screen click New. A new window should pop up prompting you for several fields of information. Here are the important ones:
  • PC name: this should be the RDP machine's domain name ' or IP address
  • Credentials: The user name and password to be used for the RDP server. Your username should be ad0\user (where user is replaced with your username on the RDP server) and your password is your password on the RDP server.
  1. Save the remote desktop and you should be able to access it from the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.

Note that you can also use\user as the username if you have issues.

Mapping the Database Server as Z

  1. Open File Explorer on the RDP and click "This PC"
  2. Look for the "Computer" tab in the menu at the top of the window and choose "Map Network Drive"
  3. In the new window, choose Z: and for the folder, type \\\bulk
  4. Check the "Connect using different credentials" checkbox
  5. Click Finish and enter the username researcher and the appropriate password when prompted
  6. You should be able to see the database server's bulk drive as Z on your RDP account now.

Connecting to the dbase server from the RDP

You'll need a copy of putty.exe. Retrieve one from E:\installs or the internet and put it on your desktop on the RDP (not your local desktop).

  • Open PuTTY by double clicking putty.exe
  • Connect to (save your connection for later as dbase server)
  • Username: researcher
  • Password: ...

Using the Dbase server

Change directory to your project's directory and the open a connection to the dbase server:

cd /bulk/whatever
psql yourdb

To create a dbase, just type (from the shell, not while connected to a db):

createdb yourdbname

See Working with PostgreSQL for more information.

Working with the GPU server

The GPU server is a DIGITS DevBox and is on the internal network on IP address 192.168.202. Like the Dbase server, it has a Samba share and you can connect to it over SSH:

  • Connect to (save your connection for later as GPU server) using PuTTY
  • Share address is \\\bulk, connect using researcher account credentials.