Houston Startup Challenges

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Houston Startup Challenges
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Recommendations for Houston emerging ecosystem.

Innovation District

  • Maps (Baseline & How it should look) – (Maps by Abhi)
  • Startups location – (Ed Table)
  • Fund & Accelerator/Incubator locations – (Houston Pipeline)
  • Patent Map (Oliver)
  • Publicly traded firm data – R&D expenditure (Hira)


  • Houston Innovation Assets – Tables (What IT companies’ do we have. Patent, publicly traded firms)
  • Community Building: Networking organizations, entrepreneurship clubs, etc.
  • VC Firms in Houston – (Vc, exits, startups Adrian)
  • VC deals
  • Annual average VC investment
  • Exits
  • Companies that receive VC Funding
  • Total funding of current startups
  • University students (Hira)
  • NSF grants, NIH grants, clinical trials, (Hira)
  • SBIR grants/ companies (Abhi)

Core Focus

  • Data: Financial/ Impact on the following industries. City level data the econ activity on these industries. (Diana, Dallas Federal Reserve, City of Houston State of Texas)
  • Basic framing stats of the city
  • Oil & Gas
  • Med Center
  • Space

Opening the city up for testing technology

  • Current example by a different city.
  • Examples of technologies, tried elsewhere (Sweden, Volvo and their trucks)

Branding Strategy for Houston startup scene

  • Branding budget & strategy for the city
  • Current activities