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Houston Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project
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Under Houston Entrepreneurship umbrella.

VC Funds in Houston

Joe Reilly (Work Log) details the work he did on VC funds in Houston.

The files are in:


The key files are:

  • VC firms with address, basic sector info.xlsx
  • Venture Funds.txt

Cleaned Address file is:

  • HoustonVCFundAddresses.txt

This file excludes 3 VCs where we can't find their addresses:

  • Crest Capital Ventures Headquartered somewhere in Houston. Official address maybe in Delaware
  • Resolute Venture Partners Hdqt in Austin; has an office somewhere in Houston
  • S3 Ventures Hdqt in Austin; has an office somewhere in Houston

These addresses can be plotted using googleplotter.py, which is in:

E:\McNair\Software\CodeBase\New Implement of Enclosing Circle (Constrained K Means, Smallest Circle)

To Do

1. Find updated cohort lists for each "green" entity on this table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1twOP16uzHJC_xJzKZza1VEzlSfHtbJm_bJShxfp4DG0/edit#gid=0

2. Turn each cohort list into a text file

3. Run text files through SDC Platinum to determine %VC, %Aquired, %IPO, %Top VC, and VC return rates.

Chevron Technology Ventures

Chevron Technology Ventures

The Status Quo

The Main Start-up Lists

Houston Starts-up List

  • Came from houston.startups-list.com
  • 348 Companies
  • Searched for the name in Google: therefore all alive and in Houston
    • Could be start-ups or small biz
  • Fields: Name, Short Desc, Long Desc, URL
  • To Do: clean up URL

SDC VC Port Co:

  • Repull this file!
  • Use column from both files
  • PWCMoneytree deals

Angel List:

  • Two files
    • Angel by joined
    • Angel by signal
  • Fields include:
    • Name, Subtitle (short desc), datejoined?, location (restrict to Houston), market (sector), url, employees range, stage, total invested
  • To do:
    • Merge the two files
    • clean up the URLS
    • Remove the non-Houston
  • Estimated yield 350 to ???
  • Issues: Includes non-start-ups.
  • Total raised is weak indicator of Angel investment

Filtered Startups from Crunchbase cleaned:

  • Name, URL, brief description, address
  • 118 of them (snaphealth, hireinfluence are on twice), 65 have addresses
  • Iris requirements:
    • Search: companies, houston
    • Received seed, angel, equity crowd, venture
    • Alive
    • In Houston
    • Not acquired, didn't go public
  • To do: minor clean up!

The Accelerated Start-ups

Starts-Accelerators (Clean):

  • Doesn't include HTC information (has the start-ups though)
  • Fields:
    • Name
    • Accelerator
    • Status (cohort, cohort year, stage of dev, type of client)
    • Desc
    • URL
    • Address
    • Email (contact info)
  • 289 records. Some firms may have gone through multiple accelerators?
  • 70 have addresses - Might be able to get more address info, particularly some accelerators (Red House, HTC - scattering)
  • Records from:
    • TMCx - Doesn't record when they joined
    • Surge
    • Red Labs
    • START Houston
    • Red House Associates
    • HTC
    • Fannin Innovation Studio
    • OwlSpark
    • Fruition Labs
    • Houston Health Ventures (Accelerator)
    • Enventure
  • To Do:
    • Double check the counts by accelerator!!!
    • Question the selection bias???
    • Worried that they aren't Houston firms

Houston Incubators Cleaned as far as I can:

  • Biotech Commercialization Center at Uni of Texas Health Science Center is only incubator found!
    • BCC Sheet: 10 companies
    • Fields:
    • Name, URL, desc, address, crunchbase links

Data Files

  • All of the collaborative files used in this project are included on a shared Google Drive folder. Here is the Google Drive folder link: [1]
  • A long list of Houston-based startups was acquired through the StartupBlink website [2]
  • TXT files for the lists of startups for accelerators are located in the Google Drive folder, "Txt Files"
    • Txt files for Angel lists and startup lists from Crunchbase are in a sub file, called "AngelList and Crunchbase Startup Lists"


  • Lists of startups in Houston come from multiple sources: Crunchbase, AngelList, StartupBlink, and other entrepreneurship related sites.
  • all files are in the folder Houston>Houston Ecosystem-Google Drive or under Houston>TXT Files>letter_S
    • the "letter_S" folder has multiple txt files for startup lists, as well as the "AngelList and CrunchBase Startup Lists" folder on the server
  • Houston Startups List [3]


Accelerator Rankings


Venture Capital Funds

Service Firms

Name Address Type of Service Year founded
iDiscover 14027 Memorial Dr Consulting
January Advisors 723 Main St Consulting 2009
Aleberry 177 W Gray St Design 2009
Bouncing Pixel 2802 Albany St Design 2009
Culture Pilot 228 West 19th St Design 2003
Benjamin Ochoa, Attonery at Law 1121 Delano St Law 2012
Daniel Krohn, Attorny at Law 820 Richmond Law 2010
I AM Marketing and Innovation 3400 Timmons Marketing 2013

Coworking Spaces

Name Address Year Founded
START Houston 1121 Delano St 2012
Level Office 405 Main Street 2014
Level Office 720 Rusk 2014
Sharespace 2201 Preston St 2013
Platform Houston 5504 Morningside Dr 2012
Launch Effect 1605 Potomac Drive, Houston, TX 77057 2014
Houston Makerspace 3605 Texas Street 2013
TXRX Labs 205 Roberts St 2009

Benchmarking Accelerators

Angels and Angel Groups

  • Angel data is sourced from AngelList and Crunchbase
  • files can be found on the Houston Ecosystem Folder, under Txt Files>AngelList and CrunchBase Startup Lists

Related Organizations

Name Address Type of group Industry focus Year formed
GroundUP Houston 2802 Albany Street Meetup Group all 2010
Houston iPhone Developers' Meetup 4012 Westheimer Rd. Meetup Group IT 2008
LiftFund 3300 CHIMNEY ROCK non-profit all 1994
MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas (Houston) N/A Organization High Tech - Service-Based Focus 1984
Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship 6100 Main St. Organization High Tech - Multiple Industries 2000
BioHouston 2450 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX Organization Biotech - Life Science 2001
Biotechnology Commercialization Center (BCC) at the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSC-H) 7000 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030 Organization Biotech - Life Science 2009
Business Technology Center (BTC) at Houston Business Development Inc. (HBDI) 5330 Griggs Rd. Organization Multiple Industries - Service-Based Focus 1986
Center for Business Development (CBD) N/A Organization Multiple Industries - Service-Based Focus N/A
NSBRI Industry Forum 6500 Main Street, Organization Biotech - Space Biomedical N/A
SCORE (Service Corp of Retired Executives) 8701 S. Gessner Organization all 1965