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NIH Data
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NIH grant data from RePORTER system goes from 1985-2015. The categories/columns are labeled: Application ID, Activity, Administering Institution Code, Application Type, American recover and Reinvestment act funding, award notice data, budget start, budget end, CFDA code, core project number, Education institution type, FOA number, full project number, funding institute code, funding mechanism, fiscal year, institution name, NIH spending category, organization city, organization country, organization department, organization district, organization FIPS, organization name, organization state, organization zipcode, PHR (potential to improve public health), Principal investigator ID, Principal investigator name, program officer name, program start, program end, project terms, project title, serial number, study section, study section name, subproject ID, suffix, support year, direct cost amount, indirect cost amount, total cost, total cost sub project.

Catherine focused on combining all years of zipcodes into one text file on the server and used this to then track zipcodes in a csv file.

NIH Grant Location

Lists agency, estimated funding, opportunity title. opportunity number, and the date. Can be used to look up who was awarded the grants. I downloaded all grants offered by the NIH since 2005 (when the data was available)

E:\McNair\Projects\Federal Grant Data\NIH

Most data appears to be loaded in database biotech.

NIH gathering

NIH grants for a given year can be downloaded from as well as [1]

This does not specify what the grant was for, but it does list the amount and organization who received the grant. Additionally, the city and state of the organization are included. The number of awards received by each organization in a given year is listed as well. Excel Tables can be downloaded for each each year at this site. I downloaded the table for 2016 as a sample.