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NSF Data
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Each folder by year has around 10,000 awards. While the total number of awards seems to be less than NIH, the downloads appear to have been done properly. The categories in the grant award by institution include: Award ID, Institution Name, Institution City Name, Institution Zipcode, Institution Phone, instituion street address, instituion country name, Instiution State Name, and Institution state code. Currently this data is available on the RDP but has not been put in a data base. Catherine has used primarily the zipcodes in the file for her project.

NSF Grant Data

The NSF grant data are in folders by year, each grant is an xml file. The format of a typical file is shown below. There is data available from 1959 onwards, and full records after 1976. In 2016 there were ~10,000 awards.

Each year can be downloaded from: https://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/download.jsp

Data is located in:

E:\McNair\Projects\Federal Grant Data\NSF

The three data files are:

grant_award_general_info.txt - 394,610 rows

grant_award_general_info.txt includes:

  • Award ID
  • AwardTitle
  • AwardEffectiveDate
  • AwardExpirationDate
  • AwardAmount
  • AwardInstrument
  • Organization Code
  • Organization Directorate
  • Organization Division
  • ProgramOfficer
  • AbstractNarration

grant_award_institution_info.txt includes the following:

  • Award ID
  • Institution Name
  • Institution CityName
  • Institution ZipCode
  • Institution Phone#
  • Institution Street Address
  • Institution Country Name
  • Institution State Name
  • Institution State Code

grant_award_investigator_info includes the following:

  • Award ID
  • Investigator First Name
  • Investigator Last Name
  • Investigator Email Address
  • StartDate
  • Investigator Role Code

Data is currently loaded into dbase biotech.

The load script and some processing is in:


Note that only grant_award_institution_info appears to be loaded. Data related to grant_award_general is probably loaded in table nsfgeneral and data related to grants_awards_investigator is in table nsfinvestigator. Coverage appears good 1968-2017.

Sample XML

Sample XML schema

 Collaborative Research: Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Thermoelectric Materials
 <Value>Standard Grant</Value>
 <LongName>Directorate For Engineering</LongName>
 <LongName>Div Of Civil, Mechanical, & Manufact Inn</LongName>
 <SignBlockName>Thomas F. Kuech</SignBlockName>
 Thermoelectric materials are materials which can be used to convert thermal energy directly to electricity. The performance of a thermoelectric material is measured by the "figure of merit", termed ZT. There has been much research into increasing thermoelectric materials, figure of merit, however, progress in this area has been slow and most of the researched thermoelectric materials up to now are suffering from either high fabrication cost, usage of rare earth or toxic elements, or poor mechanical properties. Organic thermoelectric materials (OTEs) have recently attracted attention for low temperature applications (< 300K), especially cooling purposes, as they are flexible, low-cost and abundant, and low-cost fabrication methods for synthesizing them exist... A large class of semiconducting nanostructures (e.g. Si, CdTe, Bi, and PbTe nanowires and holely structures) combined with conjugated polymers (e.g., chemically-modified PEDOT and low bandgap polymers) and organic molecules (specifically charged chemical species attached to molecules such as CF3- substituted styrene molecules) will be simulated, synthesized and optimized to identify new hybrid materials with a potentially high ZT.
 <RoleCode>Principal Investigator</RoleCode>
 <Name>University of Virginia Main Campus</Name>
 <StreetAddress>P.O. BOX 400195</StreetAddress>
 <CountryName>United States</CountryName>
 <Text>Materials Eng. & Processing</Text>

Survey of Federal Funds for Research and Development Fiscal Years 2014–16

Excel spreadsheets with data regarding Federal Agency budgets and spending on R&D [1]

 E:\McNair\Projects\Federal Grant Data\NSF\NSF Data Tables