How-to BibTex Lit Review

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How-to BibTex Lit Review
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Ed is creating something and needs to look at citations of relevant literature quickly to see what he can use. This is the method I have been using.

1. Download Zotero and install to browser.

2. Use Google Scholar to search key terms and phrases. It is important to be creative with search words, otherwise you will only get results that include, say, "entrepreneurship" *exactly* in the title when in reality it's unnecessarily limiting. While Ed did not emphasize too much on this, from time to time look up the journals and authors you are citing to make sure they are credible.

3. A Zotero icon should be a part of browser. Click on it for each new result you open and it should save basic information and a file if possible.

4. Open Zotero and export your folder as a BibTex file.

5. Open TextWrangler and drop the BibTex file onto it. It is now ready to copy and paste.

6. Create a Wiki Project page and break up each citation.

  An easy format is like this.
  Which can be created with a three space indent.
  I usually rewrite the title and author's name on top (outside of this box) for easy reading.