Social Factors in Entrepreneurship

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McNair Topic Area
Social Factors in Entrepreneurship
Supreme Court of the United States
Primary Information
Topic Area Name Social Factors in Entrepreneurship
Team Members Veeral Shah, Carlin Cherry, Dylan Dickens
Primary Billing Dr. Edward Egan
Keywords Policy, Women, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Presidential Race, Female, Minority, Immigration, Regulation, Health Care, Reform, Gender, Social
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The goals of the McNair Center's topic area for Social Factors in Entrepreneurship is to identify and share information on the effects of past, present, and potential future social factors and broad sweeping policies on the entrepreneurial and small business world. Specifically, educational blog posts, wiki pages, OpEds, and academic papers will relay information ranging from presidential candidates to women in entrepreneurship and more.

Project Outline

Completed Work

Work in Progress

Future Work