Best Practices for Forms and Templates

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You can assign the type of a property and restrict a property's value by creating a page for that property.

 This is a property of type [[Has type::Text]].
 The allowed values for this property are:
 * [[Allows value::Idea]]
 * [[Allows value::In development]]
 * [[Allows value::Draft]]

Also, the following create a link to a property page and show its information:



Check that you did the following:

  • Put the category in the template itself
  • Make sure that there is a default form associated with the template
 {{#default_form:McNair Projects}}
 [[category:McNair Projects]]

Use simple assignment whenever possible:

 | label6       = Start Date
 | data6        = [[Start date::{{{Start date|}}}]] 

If you have to use an array ref, here's the syntax:

 | label5      = Owner
 | data5       = {{#arraymap:{{{Owner|}}}|,|x|[[Owner::x]]}}

Temp Links to Project Pages

The following pages need their templates fixing: