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My proposal is to have the McNair pay for the shirts for all student interns as well as faculty supervisors. As of 9/23/16, we have 4 McNair Faculty and 22 interns.

DESIGN: http://www.customink.com/lab?NDXD=false&cid=cdg0-00ar-jkgc. I called CustomInk, and they say that they can make our Comfort Colors shirt the same as McNair brand color hex #12a593 ("dark cyan") as long as we include that in our order. Seafoam, the color currently selected, is very close to our brand color anyway, according to the sales representative.

COST: If we order 26 shirts, the all-inclusive price is $13.59 per shirt. This comes to a grand total of $353.34, including taxes and shipping, to get every member of McNair a shirt.

BENEFTIS: There would be huge positive benefits of buying McNair Center shirts. First, interns would feel appreciated. Receiving this gift would boost happiness, which would increase intern productivity and loyalty to McNair. Second, and perhaps more important, these shirts would market McNair to the campus at large whenever we wear them (which will be often, because these are nice shirts). Average students around Rice will pass these good-looking people wearing McNair shirts and say, "Damn...who is that attractive person wearing that even more attractive shirt? What's McNair? What's entrepreneurship? How can I get involved?"

AUTHOR: Carlin Cherry