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The McNair Center blog posts are available at http://www.edegan.com/blog. All information on this page is preserved for the information archive only.

The McNair Center Blog was at http://mcnair.bakerinstitute.org/blog.

McNair researchers can access the back-end of the blog at http://mcnair.bakerinstitute.org/blog/wp-admin. Contact Anne, Ed, or a blog editor (see the Blog Team) for an account.

Blog posts are an important output at the McNair Center. Our page on Writing Blog Posts provides lists of pages in development, and links to details on our Blog Team, Blog Writing Process, Working with Wordpress and other crucial information. Peer editing is an important part of our process. Please keep the Peer Editor Schedule up to date.

Every blog post that gets past the idea stage should have a wiki page that includes Template:BlogPost.

Blog Post Running Tally

Status Count
Idea 5
Draft 5
Peer Edit 2
Revision 1
In Wordpress 0
Total In Development 13
Published 48
Tabled 28

Posts in Development

Augusta Findings (Blog Post)Taylor JacobeIdeaSuggested by Anne on 11/16
California Growth (Blog Post)Taylor JacobeDraft
ChicagoDiana CarranzaEmerging EcosystemsDraftWith research assistance by Eliza Martin
Defining Innovation DistrictsAnne DaytonEntrepreneurial EcosystemsDraft
Defining Venture Capital (Blog Post)Dylan DickensEntrepreneurship 101Peer Edit
Anne comments to Dylan 11/1/16. Dylan to revise and show to peer editor.
Innovation Districts and Housing DiscriminationAnne DaytonInnovation DistrictsIdea
Manufacturing Incubators (Blog Post)Yunnie HuangIdea
Manufacturing Incubators (Blog Post)Yunnie HuangIdea
Medical Device Startups and FDAIris HuangPeer Edit
Navigating the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (Vlog)Dylan DickensTBD
Patent Trolls (Blog Post)Dylan DickensInnovation 101Draft
St. LouisEliza MartinEmerging EcosystemsDraft

Categorized lists of All McNair blog posts are also available, which are in Category:Blog Post

The Blog Team

The summer 2017 Blog Team consists of Diana Carranza and Anne Dayton.

Every member of the McNair Staff is encouraged to consider writing a blog article. In spring 2017, Catherine Kirby, Taylor Jacobe, and Eliza Martin were the Blog Team. Other staff with posts published or in progress include Carlin Cherry, Dylan Dickens, Julia Wang, Jake Silberman, Avesh Krishna, Ramee Saleh and Meghana Gaur.

During academic year 2016-17, the Blog Team Structure included an online editor (Taylor Jacobe) The position of graphics editor was also proposed, but never filled. Students who wrote blog posts were required to take a turn as peer editor and review other students' content.

Two weekly round-up blog posts on entrepreneurship and innovation were published in fall 2016. Meghana Gaur and Avesh Krishna took on the roles of entrepreneurship and innovation weekly round-up writers, respectively. Each week we did a weekly round-up of articles posted on the web on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation (one post each). Weekly Roundup and Weekly Round-up Resources (old) provide resources. The McNair Center only published the weekly round-up in entrepreneurship in spring 2017

Please keep the Peer Editor Schedule up to date.

The Blog Writing Process

McNair Staff are expected to follow the Blog Writing Process. Amendments to the process should be done only in consultation with the Blog Team. This process ensures that everyone creates a page for their blog post using Form:BlogPost so that everything can be efficiently tracked and stored. See the detailed instructions for creating a wiki page for your blog post. Please also learn the Writing and Style Rules and use them in your writing.

Working with Wordpress

Producing a good blog post means Working with Wordpress to set up your blog post effectively. Our guide will help you create a post and use the Yoast SEO tools to optimize your post so that it will be found by search engines. The Blog Team's online editor is there to help you but following the best practices will make us all more effective.

Other Resources

A very brief set of links for articles in AP and CMOS style are on the Writing Resources page.