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Weekly Roundup
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Project Information
Has title Entrepreneurship Weekly Roundup
Has owner Meghana Gaur
Has start date Fall 2016
Has deadline date
Has keywords Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Small Business
Has project status Tabled
Has sponsor McNair Center
Has project output Content
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Project Overview

The Weekly Roundup is an ongoing project for the McNair Center. Weekly Roundup posts are published Friday afternoons and cover news relating to entrepreneurship from the week (and sometimes the previous weekend). Posts cover news stories and blog posts published by credible sources, including the McNair Center. The Weekly Roundup began in the Fall 2016 term and originally focused on both Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Currently, the McNair Center is only publishing a Weekly Roundup on Entrepreneurship.

See Weekly Round-up Resources for information from fall 2016.

Current Project Write-Up

RSS Feed Sources (current RSS feed uses a Google Chrome plug-in)

Refer to RSS feeds for content selection. Current RSS feeds in use utilize the Google Chrome plug-in RSS reader and cover the below sources:

Additional Web Sources

Refer to additional online sources, including:

To-do/recommendations for improvement

In future terms, the content search process for articles should be made more efficient through automation and a broader subscription base.

  • Increased automation could be achieved by expanding the RSS feed base, as well as implementing a web crawler, especially for sources such as PitchBook and CrunchBase. Currently the primary issue with using RSS feeds is that there isn't a standard plug-in or RSS reader for all of the relevant RSS feeds.
  • Additionally, to make the content searching process more clear, research assistants who are publishing a post during the week should share their post with the research assistant in charge of the weekly roundup.
  • For future weekly roundup creators, the McNair Center should also consider setting up an e-mail account solely for the purpose of gathering weekly roundup content from VC and entrepreneurship newsletters.

Second Semester notes

For additional sources that have not been automated (not available via RSS feed), subscribe to electronic newsletters. Newsletters currently subscribed to include:

The above newsletters are free and can be rerouted directly to a weekly roundup mailbox.

For internet sources, such as PitchBook (News & Analysis), Harvard Business Review, Mattermark and Venture Beat, recommended search words include but are not limited to:

  • small business
  • entrepreneurship, startups
  • venture capital

Standardized process and format

Weekly roundup posts begin with summary coverage on blog posts that will be published by McNair Center faculty during the week. After McNair Center posts, the roundup should focus on summarizing news reports, articles, and posts from the various sources listed above.

Roundup posts are split up into two segments:

  • Latest news in entrepreneurship
    • follows reports, op-eds, and blogs from the various aforementioned sources that cover a broad variety of topics in entrepreneurship (diversity, policy, demographic trends, etc.).
  • Startup news
    • mainly focuses on updates in VC funding rounds for successful startups (often stories are found from CrunchBase).

Weekly roundup posts should include:

  • around 7-10 stories
  • 1-2 paragraphs per story

If applicable, news stories should be linked to previous and relevant posts by McNair faculty. Share links to news stories with the social media admin (weekly roundup stories make for informative/interesting tweets). Always include links to the original source when referencing studies, reports, and surveys and including statistics/data in a write-up for a specific story.

When drafting weekly roundup posts, adhere to the McNair Center's general writing guidelines. Create a blog form on the wiki page with a shareable link to the google doc that contains the roundup draft. Get another McNair Center staff member who is familiar with the blog-writing procedures at McNair to peer-edit the post before entering it into Wordpress for final review by Anne and publishing.