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Weekly Roundup on Entrepreneurship Resources

Recommended key words, if needed: small business, entrepreneurship, startups, and venture capital


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Other Website Resources

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List of Blogs for Weekly Round-Up

  • Patentlyo: patentlyo.com
  • Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property Blog: cpip.gmu.edu/blog/
  • FOSS patents: fosspatents.com
  • Kauffman Growthology: kauffman.org/blogs/growthology
  • Pitchbook: pitchbook.com/news
  • Crunchbase Daily (registration required): crunchbase.com
  • Entrepreneur.com: entrepreneur.com
  • The Deal: thedeal.com
  • Thomson Reuters: PE newswire pehub.com
  • National Bureau of Economic Research: nber.com (posts on E&I only)
  • Kleiner Perkins: kpcb.com
  • Harvard Business Review: hbr.org
  • Fortune
  • Forbes
  • Wall Street Journal Intellectual Property
  • Inc.
  • IP Watchdog
  • Kluwer Patent Blog
  • USPTO Director's Forum
  • WSJ Intellectual Property
  • Economist - we will need to get a subscription for economist (more pricy)
  • Guardian (Intellectual Property)
  • Innovation insights by Wired
  • New Scientist
  • Scott Anthony @Harvard Business Review
  • Quartz
  • Innovation Excellence
  • Washington Post Innovation

Material from GovTrack crawlers Add material from GovTrack crawler for Texas Legislature if available Add twitter caller for relevant academic journal article.