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To Do

  1. Remove "Powered By MediaWiki" and "Powered by Semantic MediaWiki" buttons on bottom of wiki pages.
  2. Create pages for "Baker Institute", "Rice University", "Entrepreneurship", "Innovation".
  3. Remove double pages for users on McNair Team page. Remove former interns.

Affiliates and their researchers


Affiliate Researchers:

  • Alex Christine: Works for Susan Cohen.
 Accelerators (Data)
Leveraged Buyout Innovation (Academic Paper)
 Matching VentureOne (Data)


Accounts ✓
-> Remove phonenumber from form (both McFaculty & Staff) ✓
-->Internal page: McNair Staff Full Contact Info ✓
-> Check semantics on form!!! DROP DOWN ON BILLING. ✓
-->Build 3 bill pages (see below) ✓
-> Add Yael, Dan Fedher (MIT), Dan Lee (Georgia State Econ) to Faculty ✓
-> Add Jake Floyd to researcher ✓
-> Do their ACLs ✓

Repoint domain

Bill codes: ✓
-> AccMcNair01, AccNBER01, AccKauffman01 - pages for each. Put in Admin Category. ✓
-> All projects to AccMcNair01 exc.... ✓
AccNBER01: ✓
	Accelerator Industry Classification (Data) ✓
	Accelerators (Data) ✓
	Entrepreneurship Ecosystems of Houston (Issue Brief) ✓
	Houston Accelerators and Incubators (Report) ✓
	Hubs (Academic Paper) ✓	
AccKauffman01: ✓
	Goldilocks (Academic Paper) ✓	
	Micro-Geography (Academic Paper) ✓
	Micro-Geography (Database) ✓
	Start-Ups of Houston (Map) ✓
-> Asks on the 3 account pages ✓

Restructure Sidebar (target at General Audience) ✓
	Icons - recolor 

->Add accounts for new indivs and give them access to just thier project pages

Make McNair Team Page ✓
	McNair Faculty Category ✓
	McNair Staff ✓

McNair Affiliates Page ✓

Category:Internal ✓
-> Tidy up class, Category and Form links ✓

Admin pages: ✓
-> Build out McNair Admin Category page ✓
-> Rename Admin:FAQ and Admin:Center IT ✓

Help page:
->Help for us vs. Help for others

Topic Areas to public? ✓
?->Alter template ✓
?->Rework content ✓

Review uncategorized pages!
Bill codes pages ✓