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Visitors to this page may be interested in my Profile page, Job Market Paper, other Research Papers, Research Statement (which contains summaries of some of my research papers), Projects page (which details work that is not yet ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals), and my Job Market Applications page (which provides complete sets of job market packets).

My teaching statement, including copies of my teaching scores, is available as a pdf.

Teaching Preferences

I would be comfortable teaching a wide range of possible courses at the undergraduate or graduate levels and am willing to be very flexible. I would, in particular, be very happy to teach courses in entrepreneurship, innovation, managerial economics, business strategy, corporate finance, or related areas.

Courses Taught

I have significant teaching experience with both undergraduates and MBA students, including:

  • CUS Nomination
    U.B.C, Sauder School of Business: COMM394 -- Government and Business. This is a required 3rd year course in the undergraduate curriculum at Sauder and is one of four `integrative' courses that synthesizes knowledge from various disciplines for BCOM students. It combines material from economics, public policy, ethics, and firm strategy and covers topics including market failure, game theory, industrial organization, and voting. I was nominated for the Commerce Undergraduate Society Teaching Excellence Award for teaching this class in the Fall semester of 2012. I taught 136 students in three sections. My mean teaching effectiveness score was 4.51 on a 5 point scale.
  • Cheit Award
    U.C. Berkeley, Haas School of Business: MBA201 -- Economic Analysis for Business Decisions. This is one of 12 required core courses in the MBA curriculum at Haas. It provides MBA students with a foundation in economic analysis and includes decision making under uncertainty, basic models of competition and pricing, and introductory game theory. I won the Earl F. Cheit Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (Full Time MBA Program) for teaching this class in the Fall semester of 2010 under Steve Tadelis. I taught 121 students in two sections. My median teaching effectiveness score was of 6 on a 7 point scale. (Note that Berkeley uses median scores for performance evaluation.)
  • U.B.C, Sauder School of Business: COMM437 -- Database Technology. This is an optional fourth year class in the undergraduate curriculum at Sauder. It provides students with both hands-on and theoretical instruction in database technology, from a management information systems perspective. I taught 20 students in the Fall semester of 2005 and was rated highly for a first-time teacher. My mean teaching effectiveness score was 4.16 on a 5 point scale.

Other Teaching and Service

Through-out my doctorate, I provided one-on-one and small (12 or less) group instruction to other students, particularly in the use of computer-based research tools and methods. I was awarded the 2012 Henry K. Hayase Award for my efforts.

Teaching Scores

My teaching scores are available as downloadable pdfs: