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Details of my job market application are available on my wiki and as pdfs:

Additional research papers are available for download from my papers page and projects page (which details work that is not yet ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals).

About Me

Jim Brander, Ed Egan, and Thomas Hellman, in 2005

I am seeking tenure-track Assistant Professor positions in the fields of Strategy, Business Economics, and Corporate Finance. I am currently the Innovation Policy Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research under Professors Scott Stern and Josh Lerner. I completed my Ph.D. in business administration, with a dual focus on strategy & business economics (in the BPP group) and finance at the Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley, in May of 2012, under the supervision of Professors David Teece, Toby Stuart, Michael Katz, and Bronwyn Hall. I then spent the 2012/2013 academic year as a post-doctoral fellow at the Sauder School of Business, U.B.C., under my long-term mentors Jim Brander and Thomas Hellmann (shown as we were in 2005 in the picture on the left). Full information on my academic qualifications and experience is provide on my profile page and in my curriculum vitae (pdf).

My Research

Winning A Kauffman

My research areas are the financing of entrepreneurship and the economics of innovation. My work consists primarily in the application of industrial organization economics and corporate finance to entrepreneurship and business strategy. I seek to base my work on clearly specified underlying theory. I believe that it contains useful theoretical innovation, although the primary value added is usually empirical -- I generally focus on the use of micro-data in large scale empirical analysis.

I have received three awards for my research to date: a Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, a Canadian Graduate Scholarship, and a Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship. A complete list of my research papers that have either been published or an in the process of submission to peer-reviewed journals is available on my papers page. A summary of my job market paper and research interests is available on my research statement page.

My Teaching

I would be comfortable teaching a wide range of possible courses at the undergraduate or graduate levels and am willing to be very flexible. I would, in particular, be very happy to teach courses in entrepreneurship, innovation, managerial economics, business strategy, corporate finance, or related areas. I have taught three courses before: COMM394 - Government and Business (at Sauder), for which I received a nomination for the Commerce Undergraduate Society Teaching Excellence Award; MBA201 -- Economic Analysis for Business Decisions (at Haas), for which I won the Earl F. Cheit Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (Full Time MBA Program); and COMM437 -- Database Technology (at Sauder), for which I was rated highly for a first time instructor. Further details of my teaching, as well as downloadable copies of my teaching scores, are available from teaching statement page.

References and Advisors

My Primary References are from:

Contact details for all of my advisors are on my profile page.