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TitleAuthorSeriesStatusGraphicsPub. DateNotes
Regulatory Challenges for Innovation Policy (Blog Post)Avesh KrishnaTabledNoneAvesh to fix and find peer editor
Research Parks and Innovation Districts (Blog Posts)Taylor JacobePublishedPublished in May 2017
Social Capital Wins Over Financial And Human CapitalDiana CarranzaPublished20 July 2017
Social Media Usage in Entrepreneurship (Blog Post)Dylan DickensSocial Factors in EntrepreneurshipTabled
South by South Lawn (Blog Post)Julia WangGovernment and PolicyPublishedPublished as "Obama in the White House"
Spotlight on Innovation: SpaceCarlin CherryTabled
Spotlight on Rice Entrepreneurs: East-West Tea (Blog Post)Carlin CherrySpotlight on Rice EntrepreneursPublished
Spotlight on Rice Entrepreneurs: Elevator Pitch Competition (Blog Post)Carlin CherrySpotlight on Rice EntrepreneursPublished
St. LouisEliza MartinEmerging EcosystemsDraft
Start-Up Visa (Blog Post)Ramee Saleh & Tay JacobePublishedRamee & Tay to finish 2/13/17
Start-Up Visa ComparisonRamee SalehTabledThe material in this post was folded into the startup visa post.
Start-Ups for the Season (Blog Post)Taylor JacobePublished
Swedish Entrepreneurship (Blog Post)Dylan DickensEntrepreneurship AbroadTabled
Tackling Stagnation of Texas Entrepreneurship (Blog Post)Dylan DickensTexas EntrepreneurshipTabled
The ACA and Entrepreneurship in the 2016 Election (Blog Post)Dylan DickensElection 2016Tabled
The Affordable Care Act and Small BusinessMeghana GaurTabledTabled pending further information about possible ACA replacement.
The Brexit and Entrepreneurship (Report)Dylan DickensTabledNone
The Future of Healthcare and Small BusinessesMeghana GaurTabledFrom Tay: should we table this piece or look into rewriting it with Trump's plans in mind?
Theories of Entrepreneurship (Blog Post)Dylan DickensEntrepreneurship 101Tabled
Congress Turns Its Attention to Entrepreneurship and Innovation -- But Does It Take Effective Action?Anne DaytonPublished
Trump and the Dow (Blog Post)Ed EganElection 2016Published
TrumpPence and Entrepreneurship (Blog Post)Dylan DickensElection 2016Published
Washington DC Emerging Ecosystems (Blog Post)Diana Carranza and Eliza MartinEmerging EcosystemsPublished29 June 2017
Weekly Entrepreneurship Roundup 2/24Meghana GaurPublished24 February 2017
Weekly Entrepreneurship Roundup 3/24Meghana GaurWeekly RoundupPublished
Weekly Round-up Entrepreneurship 10/28 (Blog Post)Meghana GaurPublished
Weekly Round-up Entrepreneurship 11/4Meghana GaurWeekly Round-upPublished
Weekly Roundup Entrepreneurship 11/11Meghana GaurWeekly Roundup EntrepreneurshipPublished
Weekly Roundup Entrepreneurship 11/18Meghana GaurWeekly Roundup
Weekly Roundup Entrepreneurship 12/2Meghana GaurWeekly RoundupPublished
Weekly Roundup Innovation: 11/04/16Avesh KrishnaWeekly RoundupPublished
Weekly Roundup on Entrepreneurship 1/27/17Meghana GaurWeekly Roundup on EntrepreneurshipPublished
Weekly Roundup on Entrepreneurship 2/3Meghana GaurWeekly RoundupPublished
Weekly Roundup on Entrepreneurship 3/31Meghana GaurWeekly RoundupPublished31 March 2017
Weekly Roundup on Entrepreneurship 4/7Meghana GaurWeekly RoundupPublished7 April 2017
What Does A Female Entrepreneur Look Like? (Blog Post)Dylan Dickens & Tay JacobeInternational Women's Day 2017, to be published on 3/8PublishedTay is updating for Women's entrepreneurship project.
What's Killing Small Businesses? (Blog Post)Tabled
Women in Entrepreneurship (Blog Post)Ariel SunTabled
Women in Innovation (Blog Post)Taylor JacobeWomenPublishedPublished as "Women in STEM: Closing the Gap"
Gender Gaps for Women in Innovation (Blog Post)Carlin Cherry
Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 3rd in Blog SeriesJulia WangWomen in Innovation and EntrepreneurshipTabledFocus on international social entrepreneurship