Rice Undergraduate Elevator Pitch Competition

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The Rice Undergraduate Elevator Pitch Competition is an annual 90-second product pitch contest supported by the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK), Rice Alliance, and Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL). The pitches identify a problem, describe a solution to that problem, and the advantages and commercial potential of the concept. This competition is open to all Rice undergraduate students. Entries may be at any stage of development. These competitions are often sponsored by Industry partners and Rice alumni. Cash prizes are given to winners.


Teams or individuals will prepare an elevator pitch about their design project, focusing on the economic aspects of it. All teams must meet with a coaching team prior to the contest, so they can get feedback on their project. After all teams have presented, there will be another opportunity for judges to provide advice to teams. In the 7th annual Elevator Pitch Competition, the winning 5 teams received a cash prize, with the team that placed first receiving 1500 USD. There was also a 'most investable' category, in which the winning team won 750 USD.