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Founded in 2009, RCEL’s mission is to prepare engineers to become inspiring leaders, exceptional team members, effective communicators, and bold entrepreneurs. RCEL enhances a traditional engineering education by providing skills not typically covered in the Rice engineering curriculum. Through a series of curricular and co-curricular learning experiences, RCEL students learn to create and communicate a vision, build a high-performing team, form and execute collaborative plans, and create innovations that endure. [1]

Certificate in Engineering Leadership

The Engineering Leadership Certificate is an accredited academic credential aimed at preparing students for leadership roles after graduation. The program supplements the core curriculum of the School of Engineering, allowing students to learn fundamentals of engineering leadership, practice their leadership skills while participating in engineering-based hands-on activities, give and receive coaching, and critically reflect on their leadership experiences through a series of structured self-assessments.

The Engineering Leadership Certificate requires all students to participate in a qualifying summer internship, by enrolling in ENGI 241 - Professional Excellence for Engineers. The course places students in semester long internships, with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Students complete assignments, participate with teleconferences, culminating in a final report with the goal of practicing leadership skills in a real world environment.

Learn more about the Certificate in Engineering Leadership here.

Opportunities for Involvement


The RCEL mentorship program in 2015 was created to help RCEL students in their career path. A mentor (often a Rice engineering alumni) is paired with a student, and they meet for the first time at the beginning of the academic year. Throughout the year, they are encouraged to maintain contact so the student can get career advice and gain real world knowledge about the industry while pursuing their degree.

Ignite 2016

This March 2016, RCEL will sponsor and send students to the 2016 Ignite Entrepreneurship Trek to Silicon Valley. RCEL will support up to 12 graduate and 3 undergraduates applicants, paying for