Ravali Kruthiventi

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Team Member
Ravali Kruthiventi
2016-05-20 11.26.46.jpg
Status Inactive
Degree Master
Major Computer Science
Skills (Students only) Java, C++, C, SQL, User Interface Design, Business Analytics (IT), Project Management
Email sk99@rice.edu
Skype ravali.kruthiventi@gmail.com
School Rice
Job Title Tech Team
Sponsor McNair Center
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Ravali is a Computer Science Masters student at Rice, and is currently a Research Assistant with the McNair Center. Prior to coming to Rice for her Masters program, Ravali has worked as a Business/Systems Analyst with what is now S&P Global Market Intelligence.

She is interested in data analytics, design and likes to work on projects with complex data sets.

Time at McNair

Ravali Kruthiventi (Work Log)