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Ravali Kruthiventi Work Logs (log page)

June 2016

06/2016 - Worked on:

  • Setting up wiki, including
    • coloring the wiki links, headers, etc
    • Adding access limitations, confirmation queues - access rules
    • adding extensions that everyone needed
  • Setting up a database for merging our patent data from the Harvard dataverse and the patent data that the McNair Center collected from 2010 - 2015
  • Setting up tables as needed for other projects
  • Worked on the test blog site to see how Wordpress can be messed with.

July 2016

07/2016 - Worked on:

  • Setting up the assignees data from the USPTO into a database into tables that Amir and Marcela can use.
  • worked on cleaning up the patent data and databases (renaming, typecasting, etc)
  • Currently working on the blog.

Week 2

07/14/2016 - Worked on the blog header 07/15/2016 - Worked on and created my research plan, added html to header. The blocks are now there, they require styling to deal with mobile interfaces.

Week 3

07/18/2016 - Blog

  • Tried to add two posts per category - this seems to require the creation of a new widget\layout. Abandoning as it is likely to take too much time.
    • Possible future revisit
  • Determined how to add custom widgets to the sidebar - was able to add a basic box to the sidebar

07/19/2016 - Blog

  • Added custom widgets to the sidebar of the blog
  • Changed the fonts, separators, footers.
  • Added social media links to the header, rather than the footer (default wordpress location is the footer)

07/20/2016 - Blog

  • Had a quick review of the blog, and uncovered some issues that are apparent on other screen resolutions. Worked on spacing issues on the blog. EOD Update - some spacing issues exist. Will be inserting a table into the header to make the spacing better.
  • Brainstormed changes to uspto assignees data. Will begin work on removing the duplicates tomorrow.

07/21/2016 - Blog, Assignees Data, LinkedIn Account Creation

  • Worked on removing duplicates from the assignees data.
  • Working on wrapping issues
  • Agenda:
    • Fix spacing, insert table into header for lower screen resolutions
    • Set up account for Dylan
    • Get sample content and uploads from Dylan
    • Fix header colors and patterns
    • Get logo up
    • Set up links to Baker and the McNair Center
    • Tie it all up together