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McNair Management

Name Position Rice Email Phone
Ed Egan Director & Fellow 617-415-8097
Anne Dayton Researcher Manager 713-348-3477

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Hiring Instructions

Congratulations on becoming the newest member of the McNair team! Read below for instructions on how to finalize your hiring process. If you're unsure whether you are working for pay or for credit, reach out to Anne Dayton.

If you have Time Sheet Questions click on Time Sheet for more info.

For Pay

For those hired for pay:

  1. Log in to Esther and complete a SPAF (Student Personnel Action Form) - just search for it and it comes up pre-populated. Print out the completed form, sign it, and return it to Ed or to the finance office downstairs. Don't worry about completing the job title, rate, or other fields. This will be done for you.
  2. If you don't have an I-9 employment verification filed with Rice University, you'll need to get one. You'll have one if you've worked for Rice before. Otherwise, bring your passport (original, not a copy of the page) to the Baker Institute's finance team during regular business hours, and they will help you. If you can't find the finance office, ask Ed to be taken downstairs to see Giovanna or Christine, or ask the receptionist on the 1st floor for directions.
  3. If you haven't already set yourself up for direct deposit, you can do that through Esther.
  4. Complete your time sheet (available through Esther) every two weeks. These are now submitted electronically. They are checked by Ed and the Baker administration, so make sure that you complete them correctly.

For Credit (Social Science Internship)

Social science students with a declared major, who have not previously taken SOSC421, may take SOSC421 and gain 3 graded general degree credits for an internship with the McNair Center. The intern must work at least 10hrs a week for at least 8 weeks, and cannot receive other compensation for their efforts. Students selected for 3 credit internships must read the syllabus document, and complete the online intern agreement. The program is administrated by the Social Sciences Gateway office. As a part of the program the student must complete two one-page written descriptions of the internship and one self-evaluation. The center's director will provide two additional evaluations, and a grade.

More information is available from:

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