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This page will detail how to get and use a time sheet. The process is below, but there is also an overview of the steps on McNair Center Admin.

Employment Forms

These are the two forms you are required to fill out in order to actually be employed. You cannot be paid until you have finished and turned in both.



This a form under the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) that you only need to turn in once but it authorizes you to be employed in the US. The only parts you need to turn in are pages 7 & 8 but you also need to have documents that establish Identity and Employment Authorization. Examples of this are Passport (establishes both) or Drivers Liscence & social security card. A list of the acceptable documents is on page 9 but the easiest is the passport. It may be a bit of a hassle to have these documents together, but remember, this is a one time form for working at Rice.

You will need to turn this in to the finance office which is located downstairs from the McNair Center (make sure to bring your documents a.k.a. passport so they can confirm you are you). If you need help finding it, ask Ed, Anne, or the receptionist on the first floor.


The SPAF you will have to turn in once a year (and once a summer if you work summers). This creates your position at Rice. You need to print this out through esther. Once you’re on esther you can either go through <Student Services> then <Student Employment> at the bottom, or you can just type SPAF in the search bar and press enter. There are two options of SPAFs. If you are receiving financial aid from Rice, you should probably use the work study SPAF (unless you are already part of a work study program, then use the default). Otherwise, you should use the default SPAF. If you need help filling this out, ask Anne and then turn it in to either Anne, Ed, or the finance office.

Getting Paid

Direct Deposit

The best way to get paid is to fill out the direct deposit information in esther. You can go through <Employee> then <Pay Information> then <Direct Deposit Allocation> to set this up or you can search “Direct Deposit” and it will come up.

Online Time Sheets

To get Paid you have to enter hours into esther. At this point you should just realize that using the search bar is faster, so go ahead and search for “Time Sheet” and you find a position selection screen. Make sure you are picking the right dates. You don’t want to accidentally miss filling out a time sheet and have to figure it out later. Fill out your time in the boxes and be accurate. The program will take decimals (partial hours). Make sure to submit before 11AM on the monday after the time period ends. Time periods are two weeks long and you should get automated emails if you haven’t submitted before then. If you don’t submit before 11AM then you will need to fill out a paper time sheet (below). The time sheet you submit will be checked by Ed and the Baker administration before you get paid.

Paper Time Sheets

File:Federal work-study time sheet.pdf

File:Rice work time sheet.pdf

If you’re too late with your electronic sheet, or something else happened, you will need to fill out a paper time sheet. You will fill out a Work Study sheet if you are doing Work Study and you will fill out the default sheet if not. You will probably know if you are work study. These are pretty self explanatory and the pdfs are attached above. Turn this in to Anne, Ed, or the finance office when you have finished.

Actually Getting Paid

You should receive an email saying your Pay Stub is available through esther and the amount the Pay stub has specified will be deposited soon after (within a week). If you haven’t designated direct deposit, a check will be mailed to you. Contact Ed, Anne, and the Payroll office if there are any problems here.


  • you can input hours into esther as the week goes on but it is also good to keep a personal record.
  • make sure to submit once you have input all your hours for the period (and before 11 am on the monday after the pay period so you don't have to do paper time sheets)
  • get your forms in as soon as possible so you can get paid
  • check your paystubs once they come out. They will probably be right but check anyway.