Twitter Guidelines

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  • Don't simply re-tweet an article; put your own spin on it.
  • Connect the article to what McNair has worked on.
    • Not providing commentary can lead to confusion.
  • Use @handles and #hashtags!
  • Tweets are 140 characters max!

Guidelines for Slack #twitter Channel

  • Submit links to articles via #twitter channel on Slack (ask if you haven't been added). Try to send a couple a week.
    • Make sure the articles are related to entrepreneurship and innovation in some way. If not, make sure the content is #relatable to something McNair is working on or something our research proves/disproves.
    • Draft a tweet in your slack message when you submit the article. Don't worry if the tweet is not perfect; they will be edited later. What matters is you succinctly describing the article and making an argument.
  • Trustworthy sources, although reputable blogs are OK.

Guidelines for Drafting Tweets from Slack Channel

  • If an article doesn't have a tweet, write one for it.
    • Upload your tweet to Hootsuite, send it to the #twitter channel, or send it to Ramee & Anne.
    • Once you write up a tweet for an article, react to the slack message with ":white_check_mark:"

Guidelines for @handles and #hashtags

  • @handles and #hashtags generate traction, followers, and our twitter influence. However, overusing them may be annoying. Use them strategically.
  • When you tweet an article, find the author's twitter handle and include it in your tweet.
    • Clicking on the author name usually provides you with a bio that includes their twitter handle.
    • If you can't find the author twitter handle, consider using the twitter handle of the news organization they work for.
  • If you start a tweet with a @mention, add a period in front of @ to make sure your tweet is public.
    • Ex.".@BakerInstitute is ranked #4 in university-based think tanks!"

Guidelines for Text with Tweet

  • Start with one tweet/article per day, but build stock to do 2x a day
  • Aim to post on weekends too
  • Shorten all links in tweet
    • Tweets are 140 characters max. Use every character to its full effectiveness.
  • A short, succinct description of the article/key fact of the article is what we want -- but keep it interesting so that they want to click on it
  • Talk about the work of Baker Institute fellows (e.g. Russell Green) and tag them in tweets