Gunny Liu (Research Plan)

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Gunny Liu Research Plans (Plan Page)

Week VII

7/11 thru 7/15

  • Finalize Twitter Webcrawler version Alpha, discuss roadmap ahead with research fellows
  • Expand semantic mediawiki capabilities on our wiki and provide documentation for existing data structures
  • Configuration of data transfer of startup data from local to wiki wrt Ben


7/8 thru 7/22

  • Alpha Exploration & development of existing Google Maps API script
  • Advanced development of Twitter Webcrawler to populate McNair databases
    • Input: previously documented mothernodes and entrepreneurship buzzwords
  • Advance development of Eventbrite Webcrawler to populate McNair databases
    • To integrate with Google Maps API to provide updated mapping of active entrepreneurship events in Houston

Week IX

7/25 thru 7/29

  • Alpha Exploration & development of Techcrunch API
  • Alpha Exploration & development of Facebook API

Week X

8/1 thru 8/5

  • Advanced development of all API scripts to populate McNair databases

Week XI

8/8 thru 8/12

  • Last day of summer internship: 8/8