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BPP Courses

The following is a list of the 'core' BPP classes, as well as the two main BPP seminars:

BPP Courses
Course# Official Name Common Name CCN
PHDBA279C Corporate Strategy and Technology Innovation and Strategy 10026
PHDBA279A Institutions, Interest Groups and Public Policy Political Science 10025
PHDBA279B The Political Economy of Capitalism* Auctions and Contracts 10187
ECON224 Economics of Institutions Institutions 22882
PHDBA279S Research Seminar in Business and Public Policy Student Seminar 10032, 10191
PHDBAC270 Workshop in Institutional Analysis OEW Seminar 10185

Note(s): * Also listed as: Incentives in Markets and Organizations. The Innovation seminar is not included here.

BPP Course Schedule

The following table details when courses were taught and by whom from 2004-2010:

Course Listings (2003-2010)
Term Year Course# Part 1 Part 2
Fall 2010 PHDBA279C Mowery Tadelis, Dal Bo, de Figueiredo,
Spring 2010 PHDBA279B Morgan Tadelis
Fall 2009 PHDBA279A Dal Bo de Figueiredo
Spring 2009 ECON224 Spiller Spiller
Fall 2008 PHDBA279C Mowery Dal Bo, de Figueiredo, Teece
Spring 2008 PHDBA279A de Figueiredo de Figueiredo
Fall 2007 PHDBA279B Tadelis Morgan
Spring 2007 ECON224 Spiller Spiller
Fall 2006 PHDBA279C Mowery Teece
Spring 2006 PHDBA279B Morgan Tadelis
Fall 2005 PHDBA279A Dal Bo de Figueiredo
Spring 2005 ECON224 Spiller Spiller
Fall 2004 PHDBA279C Teece Mowery
Spring 2004 PHDBA279B Elfenbein Elfenbein
Fall 2003 PHDBA279A Dal Bo Dal Bo
Spring 2003 PHDBA279A de Figueiredo de Figueiredo