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The OEW schedule is provided on the IDS270 (Fall 2010) page. Please use this page to sign up for speaker meetings! (Just put your first name in a comma seperated list next to the speaker's name.)

The meeting is at 3:00pm (actual time) in the IBI (IMIO) conference room (F402). The speaker has a 20 minute break before the seminar (at 4:10pm) to prepare.

Schedule of Presenters

  • September 2 - James Andreoni (UCSD)
  • October 7 - Andrea Prat (LSE)
  • October 14 - James Roberts (Duke)
  • October 28 - Kate Ho (Columbia), Sharon
  • November 4 - Volker Nocke (Oxford)
  • November 18 - Francesco Trebbi (U. British Columbia), Sharon
  • December 9 - Ignacio Esponda (NYU Stern)

Note that there are no speaker meetings for internal presenters.