BPP Social Calendar (Fall 2010)

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The following events are scheduled for BPP PhD students:

  • 25th August (Wednesday) - 6:30pm at Jupiters for drinks with the first years!
  • 1st September (Wednesday) - Bowling to celebrate the 2nd year exam successes at Albany Bowl. Details to follow.
  • 7th October (Thursday) - 6:30pm at Trattoria La Siciliana (College and Ashby). Our Welcome Dinner.
  • 10th March (Thursday)- Whole Day. New Admit Day. A group of us (BPP students) will walk them from the hotel to Haas at 8.30am. We could share a coffee with them ant tell them the good things about our program and the Bay Area.
    • Dear BPPers,

Next Thurs March 10th is the new admits day. They will meet faculty and will attend to the seminars throughout the day.

It would be very nice if we could meet with them to get to know them a little bit and to give some insight about the program (short bios attached). Please add your availability here:


Past events:

  • The "Drinks with the first years" was a success in that the first years were there and that they were given drinks. Thanks to the second years for organizing this. Attendence by the third years (one), fourth years (zero), fifth years (one) and Justin (zero) was a little light. Perhaps free drinks no longer have their allure? Bowling is next!