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Tay Jacobe Work Logs (log page) Tay Jacobe (Idea Home)

FALL 2017

9/20 9:30-12 - Preliminary preparations for Augusta and Houston Projects

9/21 1-4:30 - Continued preparation for Augusta Startup Ecosystem and Houston Innovation District Projects

9/27 2-4:30 - Worked on data analysis and research for Augusta Project, looked into Augusta business news (there isn't very much of it!)

10/4 9:30-12 - Continued working on Augusta project

10/5 1-4:30 - Spent quite a while trying to figure out source data for patent data in slides for Augusta, then worked on cleaning up and adding to Augusta slides that were unfinished/not great, created cybersecurity slide

10/6 10-12 - Added more slides and edited. Updated wiki page with info.

10/11 9:30-12 - Worked on prep for Houston Innovation District project

Week of 10/18- Can't log onto the RDP because I am using a rented laptop until my laptop is fixed

10/18 2-4:30 - Working on Houston Innovation District project. Figuring out what we've done and what needs to be done. McNair center servers went down, while I was working, so I lost a decent amount of work that I had been doing to summarize what we had and had to start over when it was rebooted. Cleaned up the wiki page and summarized where we are so far: what data we have & where it is, what data we are currently collecting, and what data we still want/need. Began working on collecting information about tax codes, incentives for development offered in Houston.

10/19 1-4:30 -Worked on Houston Innovation District more. All work is documented on the wiki page

10/23 1-3 - Worked on a summary document for the Houston Innovation District project, verbal summaries of data analysis

10/25 9:30-12 - Looked over summary and edited. Started working on a blog post on the role of fund of funds in venture capital by direction of Anne and Ed

10/26 1-4:30 - Worked on Fund of Funds in VC Blog post

11/1 9:30-12 - Tried to gather research to improve the VC FOF post. Edited and redrafted. Investigated other potential blog posts.


FALL 2016

09/08 4:00pm - Introductory exploration, talked to Anne, made my wiki page

09/09 10:00am - Research on women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for potential blog post/series

09/12 10:00am - Worked on blog post about Women in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Blog Post), finished it, sent to Anne for first round of edits

09/13 4:00pm - Completed more research on women and innovation, but was uninspired and then sidetracked by the idea of a post about Innovation in the Public Sector (Blog Post). Did a lot of research on this for the rest of session

09/14 10:00am - Worked on Innovation in Public Service piece, almost finished first draft

09/15 4:00pm - Met some other members on the team, talked to Ed and got some tips for how to improve on blog posts, made a wiki page for idea generation

09/16 10:00am - Explored the McNair wiki page to further educate myself on entrepreneurship and innovation and continued to refine my two already-drafted blog posts based on Ed's suggestions

Week of 09/18-09/24 - No work because on a trip to Barcelona for a leadership conference.

09/27 4:00pm - Back at it! Spent the day doing a project for Anne- making the Blog Post Best Practices page for troubleshooting

09/28 10:00am - Worked on Blog Post Best Practices again and talked to Anne and Ed about my Women blog post

09/29 4:00pm - Briefly worked on Women blog post, met with Anne and other bloggers to talk about editing. started editing the ClintonKaine and Entreprenruship blog post for readability qualities, and continued working on Blog Post Best Practices wiki page

09/30 10:00am - Kept working on Blog Post Best Practices wiki page and editing CK entrepreneurship article. Finished both (I think) and worked on Women piece for a while

10/03 10:00am - Worked on women piece and editing blog posts for SEO/readability analysis

10/04 4:00pm - Got women piece to a place where I am happy with it!

10/05 10:00am - Worked on Policy Innovation blog post: probably going to take a new approach

10/06 4:00pm - Finishing up new policy innovation blog post

10/07 10:00am - Sent women blog post to Anne and Ed, looked through blog posts on the website and adjusted their settings in Yoast SEO for searchability, helped Ed do this for his new blog post.

10/12 10:00am - Worked on women blog post based on Anne's comments.

10/13 4:00pm - Worked on women blog post and sent it to Ed for final approval, made a proposal for structuring the blog post process and sent it to Anne and Ed

10/14 and 10/16 - Not at work because parents are in town!

10/18 4:00pm - worked on posts and Staff meeting at 5!

10/19 10:00am - Met with Anne and Ed about blog structuring

10/20 4:00pm - Worked with Anne on blog structure wiki page

10/21 11:00am - Make wiki page for blog structure Blog Team, edited the Blog Post Best Practices page

10/21 3:00pm - Met with blog team to talk about new structure!

10/24 10:00am - Tried to finish women piece again lol

10/25 4:00pm - Began researching for next blog post- looking at statistics for tech companies and their hiring of women and maternity benefits.

10/26 10:00am - more research on tech companies and women's benefits. Also peer-edited two of Meghana's posts

10/27 4:00pm - more research on benefits offered by tech companies. Google is cool!!

10/28 10:00am - Happy Friday! Worked on the women's benefits in tech companies research and tried to find some articles for Ramee for twitter

10/31 10:00am - Worked on a mix of the stuff from last week + making sure all of my blog posts work in our new organizational system

11/01 4:00pm - Finishing touches on the Women in STEM post, then worked on the women in top 5 tech companies research

11/02 10:00am - Started drafting the tech women's benefits post

11/04 10:00am - Put the women in STEM post into wordpress and worked on the tech women post

11/08 4:00pm - Peer edited Dylan's piece, worked on tech women post

11/10 4:00pm - Looked at Carlin's post, edited the tech top 5 women post, sent it to Anne and Ed. Talked to Ed about what is next for me!

11/11 10:00am - published women in STEM post! Then did research on entrepreneurship and human rights

11/14 10:00am - looked at wordpress drafts, then worked on human rights and entrepreneurship blog post

11/15 4:00pm - edited the innovation in public sector post and women in tech companies post

11/16 10:00am - worked on entrepreneurship and human rights post

11/17 4:00pm - edited women in tech companies post and continued to work on entrepreneurship and human rights post

11/18 10:00am - worked on all three pieces that are currently in the works, edited blog posts, and made wiki pages for Anne

11/18 3:30pm - Blog Team Meeting about style and the Yoast plugin

11/21 10:00am - explored idea of a post about entrepreneurship and the holidays, tried to find pictures for my posts that are pending

11/21 2:20pm - worked on editing the three posts that are in the works and getting them back to Anne for more feedback

11/22 1:00pm - edited all three of the pieces so they are extra good when Anne reads them

11/29 4:00pm - Began exploring a post for Anne about startups that make educational toys

11/30 10:00am - Continued the startup toys post, finished and sent to Anne for editing

12/01 4:00pm - Edited and added to all pending posts: Start-Ups for the Season (Blog Post) An Unlikely Pair: Human Rights and Entrepreneurship (Blog Post) How the Tech Top Five Treat their Women Employees (Blog Post) Innovation in the Public Sector (Blog Post)

12/05 1:00pm - Found photos for all pending posts, set them up in word press, made edits

12/16 3:00pm - Last shift of the semester! Worked on getting out the posts, yay!


1/18 10-12 - Worked on the right to entrepreneurship post, talked to Anne about plans for the semester, looked in wordpress and marked spam comments on our blog posts.

1/20 1-3:30 - Worked on Comparable Programs to McNair Center to investigate potential ways we could collaborate with other universities and improve our blog. Work meeting at 2pm.

1/23 1-4:30 - Put the Right to Entrepreneurship post in wordpress (editing for readability and adding in links) and did more research on Comparable Programs to McNair Center

1/25 10-12 - Brainstormed ideas for potential blog posts, ideas can be found on Tay Jacobe (Idea Home). Also drafted tweets and put them in hootsuite.

1/27 1-3:30 - Drafted tweets in hootsuite and did more exploring for potential blog post ideas. Right to entrepreneurship post was published!

1/30 1-4:30 - Started writing a post about how Trump's Muslim ban may affect American entrepreneurship; it will be tabled until more concrete info is available. Updated wiki's blog post tally by going through and marking all published posts. Drafted tweets.

2/1 10-12 - Drafted tweets. Did research on crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship, two topics I'd be interested in exploring for blog posts

2/3 1-3:30 - Researched, edited, and re-drafted Ramee's blog post, Start-Up Visa (Blog Post).

2/8 10-12 - Edited the Startup visa post in wordpress, did all of the SEO stuff, did more research on future blog posts. Came back from 4:30-6 - worked on crowdfunding post and talked to Ed about future projects

2/13 1-4:30 - Researched Trump and Women in Entrepreneurship for the project on Women in Entrepreneurship (Issue Brief), worked on crowdfunding blog post, went through the Writing Blog Posts page and cleared out any outdated information/deleted duplicate pages, looked into research for What Does A Female Entrepreneur Look Like? (Blog Post)

2/15 10-12 - Finished first draft of Crowdfunding (Blog Post), looked into working on What Does A Female Entrepreneur Look Like? (Blog Post)

2/17 1-3:30 - To-dos and things covered in this shift: Crowdfunding post, women in entrepreneurship post, carried interest post, and proposal by Dr. Green

2/20 1-3:30 - Same as above ^ working on these posts

2/22 10-12 - Edited Eliza's post on Cincinnati. Finishing up crowdfunding post and women in entrepreneurship post. Started working on Policy Uncertainty and Stock Markets (Blog Post)

2/24 1-3:30 - Worked on editing the crowdfunding and women in entrepreneurship posts based on Ed's edits.

2/27 1-4:30 - Mostly worked on the policy uncertainty piece. Briefly worked on women in entrepreneurship post, but need input from Carlin before we can do anything more!

3/3 1-3:30 - Put crowdfunding post into WordPress. Waiting on Carlin's results before updating the women in entrepreneurship post. Doing more research on policy uncertainty

3/6 1-4:30 - Started by investigating comments on WordPress blog posts (up until now, it seems we haven't been approving any comments even though some of them are good), worked on women's entrepreneurship post and put it into WordPress, worked on policy uncertainty and stock markets post and sent to a peer editor

3/8 10-12 - Finished up women's entrepreneurship piece: ready for publishing. Edited Policy Uncertainty piece and sent on to Anne. Started editing Carried Interest Debate (Blog Post)

3/10 1-3:30 - Talked to Ed about Policy Uncertainty post. Made edits and revisions to Policy Uncertainty post based on Dr. Green, Ed, and Anne's comments. Also worked on Carried Interest piece

3/20 1-4:30 - Peer edited Carried Interest Debate page, worked on policy uncertainty post and carried interest debate post. Also participate in Ed's session where we learned how to use sequel to make database tables.

3/22 10-12 - Finished up Policy Uncertainty and Stock Markets (Blog Post) and put it into WordPress. Still need to put in links but otherwise, it is ready to go!

3/24 1-3:30 - Finished working on Policy Uncertainty in WordPress; it is ready to be published. Then worked on editing Anne's post on congress' attention toward innovation so that all of the readability measures in wordpress are met!

3/27 1-3:30 - Finished Carried Interest post and put it into wordpress. Started a post on Mass Challenge. Looked through WordPress Comments and approved/marked as spam as necessary

3/29 10-12 - Cleaned up the Writing Blog Posts page so that all published posts were marked as such. Worked on Mass Challenge post. Edited Iris' posts.

4/3 1-4:30 - Worked on Mass Challenge (Blog Post) and Research Parks and Innovation Districts (Blog Post), observed Ed's workshop on sequel

4/7 1-3:30 - Finished up first draft of MassChallenge post. Worked on Research parks/innovation district post

4/10 1:15-2:30 - Edited Iris's posts.

5/9 1:30-2:45 - Working from home on Research Parks & Innovation districts post. Made edits and sent to Anne

5/10 3:30-5 - Finished RP and ID post based on Anne's suggestions. Put it into Wordpress.