Comparable Programs to McNair Center

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Taylor Jacobe looked into other universities that have programs similar to that of what we do at the McNair Center, specifically with our blog. This is in the hopes that we can eventually establish connections with these other universities and learn from them and share info.


Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Their news website,, is similar to our blog. However, it seems that they only have one or two writers for the blog, and they are not undergrads. Katie Jansen is their main writer as of 1/20/2017: Maybe look into contacting her?


UCLA's Entrepreneurship Association has a blog at Their blog features an "Entrepreneur of the Month" every month. Could contact at Can't tell if their posts are written by undergrads or grad because they are all just attributed to the Entrepreneurship Association.

NYU Entrepreneur's Blog They seem to be written partially by undergrads and partially by employees (very similar to us). Looks like they get posts out about every 3-5 days. Maybe we can collaborate or try to learn from them?

University of Michigan Entrepreneurship Student Voice

At Strange because it says all of their posts were published on August 30, 2016 while many of the posts seem like they must have been published earlier. The dates may have been changed? Nonetheless, this is UMichigan's forum for undergrads to write about entrepreneurship. It is also linked to their engineering school.

University of Washington School of Business Blog Although this blog does not feature just entrepreneurship and innovation posts, it does feature writing by undergrads. Strangely, it's mostly just about different students' travel experiences.

UNC Business School Blog

Has a mix of undergrad and staff writers.

University of Minnesota They have a blog about entrepreneurship. Can't tell if the content is written by students or adults.

University of Arizona, Eller School of Management is their online magazine about business news. Has a mix of undergrad and adult writers.

What can we take from these?

  • Entrepreneur of the Month posts
  • Put recommendations in our blog for books and studies that people should look at
  • Could we partner more with the business school? Many entrepreneurship centers at other schools seem to be doing that
  • Generate money by selling ads on our blog page once it gets popular enough
  • Many entrepreneurship centers have news-related blogs. Rice has its own news sources, but should we do entrepreneurship-specific news? Delve deeper than Rice news?