Top Cities for VC Backed Companies

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Top Cities for VC Backed Companies
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This table contains a list of companies matched to the average number of VC backed companies in a given year over the period 1980-2017.

The data follows the following criteria, and was created using data from the SDC Platinum Database:

The SDC Platinum datasheet can be found at:



1) The data covers years ranging from 1980-2017.
2) A company's start year is defined as the year of its first investment, as labeled in the SDC datasheet.
3) A company's end year is defined as 3 years past the year of its last investment, as labeled in the SDC datasheet.
4) Companies are grouped together by city based on the city assigned to them in the SDC datasheet.


City Average number of VC backed companies in a single year
Brooklyn 14.94444444
Richardson 21.02631579
Rockville 23.67567568
Alpharetta 23.83783784
Herndon 24.82857143
Ann Arbor 25.37837838
Cleveland 27.35135135
Washington 28.36842105
Baltimore 28.76315789
Pleasanton 28.97222222
Durham 29.25
Lexington 29.2972973
Milpitas 31.26315789
Nashville 31.94736842
Saint Louis 32.28947368
South San Francisco 32.42857143
Cupertino 32.47368421
Bellevue 34.72972973
Santa Monica 35.62162162
Philadelphia 36.23684211
Burlington 36.5
Minneapolis 36.65789474
Waltham 42.84210526
Portland*** 42.97368421
Boulder 48.89473684
Denver 50.21052632
Menlo Park 58.7027027
Irvine 59.65789474
Fremont 60.89473684
Los Angeles 61.94736842
Pittsburgh 63.76315789
Dallas 67.39473684
San Mateo 73.36111111
Houston 85.57894737
Redwood City 86.21052632
Atlanta 89.34210526
Chicago 89.92105263
Cambridge 98.36842105
Palo Alto 99.57894737
Boston 101.5263158
Seattle 103.8421053
Santa Clara 118.9736842
Austin 121.7368421
Mountain View 125.1315789
Sunnyvale 129.7368421
San Diego 152.1578947
San Jose 159.0789474
New York 350.1315789
San Francisco 365.2368421

*** Until further notice, avoid using data for Portland. Portland, OR and Portland, ME have been aggregated together.

Additional Data

Additional data can be found in the following folder:


Files of interest include:

vc_top50_stats.txt (City, Year, Number of VC Backed Companies in that Year)
top50_stats.xlsx (The table above and its graphical representation)