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Questions to Ask Accelerators

Questions to Ask Startups About Accelerators

Rough Methodology

  • Identify (8)? true accelerators in Houston. Find start dates, service scores, cohort lists, leadership, address, phone number, description, and market status of each.
  • Match each cohort list against SDC VC data, plot each business that received VC and was enrolled in a Houston accelerator into a bar graph. Each bar will be a height proportional to the %of average sector VC said company received, and color coded according to accelerator of origin. IE, AccuTech, from the OwlSpark Cohort that raised $4,000 in biotech VC which has a sector average VC of $8,000 would be a blue bar (for Owlspark) at the 50% mark for 50% of sector average VC raised.
  • Use this data to draw conclusions on the performance of firms (measured in % of sector average VC obtained) which went through either market or non market accelerators that are either less than or more than 5 years old with executive teams which are either experienced entrepreneurs or not.

What we need in 1 table

  1. CoName
  2. Industry
  3. Accelerator
  4. Amount VC Received

Next Steps

  • Calculate Average % of % IAI for benchmarkers: Y Combinator and Tech stars
  • Identify VC firms that invest in these companies (are they top 50, are there patterns of consistency or inconsistency)
  • Make "services provided score" more scientific (weight it) (funding and expertys more important) (drivers vs non drivers in mentor positions)