Shelby Bice (Research Plan)

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Overall goals:

  • Create better database that includes all the patent data to which the McNair Center has access.
  • More importantly, create documentation of process so it can improved upon/replicated in the future.

General Outline - updated 2/21/2017

  • Familiarize myself with SQL, Perl, and database design
  • Familiarize myself with existing scripts and schema for existing database
  • Design a better representation for database
  • Fix scripts if necessary
  • Start moving data into new database by querying existing databases (using SQL)
  • Use scripts to query new data
  • Test database
  • Remove extraneous information from database (copies, patents that we're not interested in, etc.)

Documentation I need to include:

  • Schema of new database (with justification of design), would like to include a visual representation
  • SQL commands that were used to fill database with explanation of what they do
  • Clear instructions on where to find scripts in bulk drive and an explanation of what each script does
  • Visual representation of example table entries that isn't just copied and pasted from a CSV file

Project Pages: Redesigning Patent Database