Rick Santorum (Tax Reform)

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Rick's Tax Reform (section page)

The 20/20 Flat Tax Plan

  • Repeal the tax code (RSWTR)
  • 20% flat tax on individual income, with no marriage penalty, death tax, alternative minimum tax (RSWTR)
  • 20% flat tax on business income (RSWTR)
  • Dramatically downsize the IRS (RSWTR)
  • Deductible capital investments (RSWTR)
  • Fully Repeal Obamacare (RSWTR)
  • "Tariffs only hurt working men and women." (CNBC)
  • "If you look at my flat tax, it actually takes the best of what many have been advocating for a long time, which is a strong pro-growth tax code. We have a system that has a low single rate, but we take care of American families. I'm talking about $2,750 per person. That means a family of four has a $11,000 dollar tax credit. " (CNBCRS)