Rick Santorum (Health Policy)

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Rick's Health Policy (section page)

Abortion Policy

  • Pro life - every life matters (RSWL)
  • "I've never supported criminalization of abortion for mothers, but I do for people who perform them. I believe that life is sacred...” (RSA)

Entitlement Programs

  • Introduce work requirements for means-tested entitlement programs, including the federal food stamps program (RSWTR)
  • Cut means-tested entitlement programs by 10% across the board, freeze them for four years,and block grant them to States (RSWTR)

Fully Repeal Obamacare

  • Reform and strengthen Medicare and Social Security so they are fiscally sustainable for seniors and future generations (RSWTR)
  • Change Medicaid to block-grant system (OTIHC)
  • Get rid of Obamacare so small insurers can operate more effectively (OTIHC)