Project Management

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Kauffman Incubator Project

Project Components

Concept Diagram, originating version - Hiep Nguyen  In Progress

1. Ecosystem organization classifier

Defining Incubators
Formulate baseline attributes - Anne Freeman  In Progress
Incubator Seed Data
Establish Crunchbase Database - Hiep Nguyen  In Progress
Incubators in Five Ecosystems
Ecosystem: Washington, DC - Elisabeth Bassini  In Progress
Ecosystem: Austin or Houston - Yi Ma  In Progress
Ecosystem: Denver, CO - Khai Nguyen  
Ecosystem: Burlington, VT - Nancy Yu   In Progress
Ecosystem: Unconventional Ecosystem - Vineet Anne  In Progress
Human Factors Analysis: User Dynamic - Initial Pass - Devika Kumar  In Progress

2. Client listing page classifier

3. Client listing page data extractor

Domain Specific Language Research - Primary - Lasya Rajan  In Progress

4. Make system available as opensource software

Researchers may also wish to review related precursor projects done at the McNair Center.