Crunchbase Database

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Crunchbase Database
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Project Information
Has title Crunchbase Database
Has owner Hiep Nguyen
Has start date 2019/03/13
Has deadline date 2019/03/22
Has project status Active
Dependent(s): Ecosystem Organization Classifier, Incubator Seed Data
Has sponsor Kauffman Incubator Project
Has project output Data, Tool, How-to
Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved.

Files and Dbase

Files are in:

  • E:\projects\crunchbase3
  • Z:\crunchbase3

Dbase is crunchbase3

The old project page is Crunchbase Data. File locations listed as Z:/bulk/ should now be Z:/bulk/mcnair/. For example there is an old loadscript in /bulk/mcnair/crunchbase/crunchbaseData/load_crunchbase.sql

Crunchbase Pro

Login details:

  • getpasswordfromed

Getting and cleaning data

The url to make API calls is[API KEY GOES HERE]

API key (premium) is located at E:\projects\crunchbase3

The command line (bash script) to get the data and extract the data (1.9gb) is at E:\projects\crunchbase3\

Alternatively, we can download and extract directly using windows command prompt by typing the following commands

curl -O[API key goes here] \
tar -xvf csv_export.tar.gz_user_key=[API key goes here].

Current csv files from crunchbase data


To keep track of the data type from each csv file used to copy to the SQL database, a file is included in E:\projects\crunchbase3. This python script will print the first 5 rows of every data frame in the current directory.

All the crunchbase3 data from drive E are now also in drive Z:/crunchbase3

Since the data will be changing a lot compared to previous years, using \i load_crunchbase.sql might not very useful, and one may need to copy one table at a time by pasting the sql script into the terminal.

All the dataset (17 of them) from the API have been copied to the PostgreSQL server in drive Z under /bulk/crunchbase3. To make date-time format in postgres work properly, all the empty string with quotes ("") in CSV files have been replaced by NULL with the command line

 sed 's/""//g' file.csv >file_clean.csv

The script that I used to do that is in the file in E:/projects/crunchbase3. A shorter script to do that for all the files in the directory is possible but might not be necessary and not all files require such edit.

Working with the database

All the scripts in load_crunchbase.sql have been updated. It now works perfectly with the current data (as of 03/29/2019) crawled from crunchbaseAPI and includes the correct number of rows copied from the csv files at the end of each \COPY command.

To see and use the data in the postgres server:

1) Connect to reseacher@ A password is required ( ask Prof Egan for details)

2) Go to /bulk/crunchbase3

  cd /bulk/crunchbase3

3) Connect to the database

  psql crunchbase3

4) Perform regular SQL queries

Incubators in Crunchbase

\COPY (SELECT uuid, company_name, short_description FROM Organizations WHERE country_code='USA' AND short_description LIKE '%incubat%') TO 
'CrunchbaseShortOrgDescsUSAIncubat.txt' WITH DELIMITER AS E'\t' HEADER NULL AS  CSV

\COPY (SELECT A.uuid, A.company_name, B.description FROM Organizations AS A JOIN organization_descriptions AS B on A.uuid=B.uuid WHERE 
country_code='USA' AND description LIKE '%incubat%') TO 'CrunchbaseLongOrgDescsUSAIncubat.txt' WITH DELIMITER AS E'\t' HEADER NULL AS  CSV

The two queries above were run against the Crunchbase database (see Ecosystem Organization Classifier), then their results were manually reviewed in two xlsx files (CrunchbaseLongOrgDescsUSAIncubat_IncubatorScore and CrunchbaseShortOrgDescsUSAIncubat_IncubatorScore), stored in E:\projects\crunchbase3

These files were then combined into IncubatorsFromCrunchbase.xlsx providing they scored 1 in the Long file or were marked keep and did not score 0 (social impact or virtual) in the Short file. The file has 564 (not necessarily unique) records and the following columns:

uuid	company_name	description	Score	Notes	Source

RetrievingIncubators.sql was then modified to load this data, locate distinct UUIDs and output Organizational records. The resulting file is CrunchbaseIncubators.txt (456 unique records, all USA), which has the following fields:

company_name	uuid	address	city	state_code	region	status	domain	category_list	short_description